Courses After 12th: Science, Arts, Medical, Commerce Management

Best courses after 12th are the most hunted and very tough to decide. Once you pass your 12th examination, you look forward to enjoy college life. Although school life is quite lighthearted, when the students enter their higher secondary level most of them start to concern about their future. This fret starts from choosing a best course for graduation after 12th. While some students are aware of all the superlative courses and they know the right profession to choose for in order to achieve their career objectives, others have no idea about the programs or the institutes/universities to take admission in.

The area of education you opt for graduation is the first way in towards your career, so whatsoever course you select, it should be in accordance to your interest and passion. For example, if you want to become an engineer, then you must opt for Bachelor in Technology or you can go through many other options according to your interest.

To lead you through the complicated path, here are some excellent points about each course available for graduation.

Engineering Courses After 12th

This is one of the vastest fields involving the terms like design, maintain, invent, process, build, material, improve, system, devices and machine. It includes the deep knowledge of all above topics. To get admission in engineering program, students should have taken science group with PCM at their higher secondary level.

Below we’ve furnished the details of popular streams in Engineering:

Computer Science and Engineering

This is, of course, the most preferred stream among the field the engineering. It contains complete knowledge about computer and computational processes. It is one of the rapidly growing branches of engineering. It offers great career prospects for the science students. The major work areas in the CSE Stream are database management, core programming, networking, web designing and software development.

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Civil Engineering

Assumed as one of the oldest and popular engineering streams, Civil Engineering covers designing, planning, and executing structural works. The field deals with a wide range of engineering tasks including supervision, designing and construction activities of public works like bridges, roads, tunnels, buildings, dams, airports, water works, ports, sewage systems etc. and provides a massive amount of demanding career opportunities. A civil engineer is accountable for planning and designing a project, building the project to the requisite scale, and continuance of the product. A civil engineer not only requires a high level of engineering information but also decision-making and administrative skills.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering, the widest of all Engineering streams deals with design and production of machines, tools, and all other mechanical apparatus to be used in industries. The domain offers a variety of options expanding across several interdisciplinary inter-reliant specialties. Mechanical engineering is responsible for all sort of machinery in industries and all features of their mechanism and working; the design, construction, development, production, operation, installation, and maintenance; such as large components of thermal power stations, steam and gas turbines, internal combustion engines, machine tools, jet engines, air conditioning and heating machines, etc to name a few. In short, mechanical engineers are involved in creating the future.

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Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics Engineering is one of the oldest and fastest growing industries. It involves a huge range of applications that we use in our day to day life such as Radio, Television, telecommunication, computers etc. They help us to hear, see, and communicate over infinite distances and do things quicker. ECE has an important role in civilizing productivity in industries like energy, oil, agriculture and so many other significant sectors of market. Health care industry depends on electronic equipments to execute chemical tests and to examine body functions. In petroleum, steel and chemical industries it is the electronic devices that control, direct, and test production processes. The protection in transportation, mines, and factories and in homes relies greatly on electronics. The uses of this industry are endless. It is a three/four year degree course and has a great career opportunity in private and government sector.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering (EE) is one of the latest branches of engineering, and dates back to the late nineteenth century. It is the discipline of engineering that involves with the technology of electricity. Engineers in this field works on a variety of components, systems & devices, from tiny microchips to massive power station generators.

Some of the most well-known scientists in electrical engineering include Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse, Philo T. Farnsworth and Guglielmo Marconi.

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Bio-Technology is a popular research oriented science, a mixture of Biology and Technology. It includes a wide range of subjects like Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Chemistry and Engineering and is also deals with many other subjects like Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Health and Medicine, Cropping system & Crop Management, Cell Biology, Ecology, Bio-statistics, Soil science and Soil Conservation, Seed Technology, Plant Physiology etc. There is a great career opportunity in this field as the demands for biotechnologist engineers are growing in India as well as overseas. There are numerous application of biotechnology namely vaccines and diagnostics, developing various medicines, increasing productivity, conservation and improving energy production.

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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) is a growing branch of engineering study. It covers the storage, generation, and use of power. Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a very essential part of your daily life. Just think about how many things in your everyday life use power (batteries, mains, petrol and motors or even solar panels). The study of Electrical and Electronic Engineering can involve wide range of power (e.g. power and control engineering) and small amounts of power (e.g. information engineering and computer, communications) or large devices (e.g. electric vehicles and power stations) and small devices (e.g. cell phones and MP3 players).

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Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most challenging and highly paid fields of engineering. It offers wide opportunities for career growth. This field involves in the development of new technology in the area of aviation, defense systems and space exploration. It specializes in the construction, designing, development, operation, testing, and maintenance of both military and commercial aircraft, spacecrafts and their apparatus as well as satellites and missiles. As Aerospace engineering deals with design and manufacture of very high technology systems, the job wants manual, technical and mechanical aptitude. Aeronautical engineer’s typically works in teams under the supervision of senior engineers, bringing together their skills and technical expertise. One can work with the government and private aviation manufacturing, testing and research industries as Aeronautical Engineer.

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Agriculture Engineering

Agricultural engineering is among of the most reputed streams of Engineering. This field covers agriculture development and research Technologies. An Agriculture engineers solve issues pertaining to agricultural equipment, water management and water quality, biological products, food processing, livestock facilities, and many other agricultural areas.

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Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering is the rapidly growing field of engineering study. Petroleum engineering involves the exploration, production, and understanding of natural gas and crude oil. It is a smartly paid engineering branch. As a petroleum engineer, you will utilize the newest analytical techniques to know geology and fluid properties, oil well and reservoir behavior on rock parameters, and apply the findings to make reservoir and production forecasts.

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Food Technology

Food technology is an emerging branch of science in which the food science is worked in preservations and manufacturing of food products. The food technologists analyze the physical, chemical, and microbiological makeup of the food. The food is preserved, processed, stored and packaged according to the specifications by industry and government. The development and research in food technology has resulted into the production of safe and nutritious foods. The food processing industries produce a wide range of food products. Food Technology is one of the highly popular disciplines at present. It can be a good career option after class 12th. One can work with the food MNCs and packaging industries as quality manager, food inspector, production manager and food auditors.

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Textile Engineering

Textile engineering, commonly known as textile technology, is the study of different principles form engineering & scientific methodologies. These principles are then applied for the doling out and production of all types of textile fabric and yarns from textile fibers. The engineering field involves wide-ranging study of chemical and physical principles, which is then used for the detailed study and investigation of the behavior of polymers concerned in the development of textile fiber. It is a ground-breaking field as it is a scientific dominion. It deals with the study, creative research, and exploration of new methods for production and inventions.

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is an engineering branch controlling various areas of technology. It is the discipline which basically deals with the construction, installation of apparatus, design, and operation of machines & plants that execute chemical reactions to resolve practical issues or make valuable products. Chemical Engineering is one of the well paid engineering fields. Chemical engineers are in high on demand because of the wide range of industries that depend on the synthesis and dealing out of chemicals and materials.

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Management Courses After 12th

Management is one among the highly job oriented field, which involves the responsibilities such as- maintaining the organization’s day to day reports, monitoring the overall expenditure of organization and responsible for implementing new products and activities that can attract the investors and clients. Management is really a challenging field. A person who is handling the role of Business Development manager in an organization must be able to predict about tomorrows market performance. A candidate who is passed out from a management discipline can work as a Business development manager, company associative, business executive, customer relationship manager or a Client serving executive. There are two types of candidates who are interested in joining management courses: the first type is, those who wish to become an entrepreneur and the second type is, those who wish to serve as a Manager in an organization. This is a comprehensive list combined with all information of best management courses and its professional scopes.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a management course for beginner level aspirants. A pass in HSC with minimum 50% marks is eligible to apply for this program. BBA is good for the candidates those who want to start their career in the management field. A BBA pass-out can get Jr. Level management jobs Mechanical sectors, IT and Telecommunication and various organizations. Majority of the leading business schools in India offering admissions in BBA courses on the basis of candidate’s performance in the written test and face to face interview secessions.

Course Type: Bachelor’s Degree

Name: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Course Duration: 3 years

Expected salary: Rs. 2-4 Lakh Annually

Eligibility: pass in 12th with 50% aggregate

12th Stream: Science, Commerce, Arts/Humanities

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MBA - Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the peak level management courses, which involves the subjects like planning, strategy, implementation, design, administration, maintenance and monitoring business developments. Those who have a bachelor’s degree (preferably from management field) are eligible to apply for MBA course. Country’s premium institutes like IIT, IIM, IISC and NIT are offering courses in MBA programme. As it a next level management course, almost all the institutions offering admissions in MBA on the basis of national level entrance exam scores (or) the test that conducted individually by the administrative department of the college. Those who were successfully completed MBA can find a managerial level space in corporate sectors, Tourism, core companies, NGO’s and various other industries.

Course Type: Master’s Degree

Name: Master of Business Administration

Course Duration: 2 years

Expected salary: Rs. 3-5Lakh Annually (Beginner level)

Eligibility: Graduate

12th Stream: Science, Commerce, Arts/Humanities

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Financial Management

Financial Management is one among them vital courses in the study of management. An employee who is working as a financial manager is able to predict the financial future of his firm. Literally, the financial performance of a company is depending on the skills of Financial Manager. Principal Job responsibilities of a financial manager are including-maintaining the finance of day to day activities, affirming the salary of employees in according to their skills, implementing wide range of methods that can improve the financial performance of an organization, analyzing-updating the company’s product demands in the market and report it to the reporting officer (or) business development manager, etc.

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is one of the leading specializations in the Management discipline. The Human Resource Management (HRM) fundamentally deals with the study and practice of employees of the company. The job of an HRM specialist includes training of employees, resolving the issues of employees, recruiting new employees that matching the job responsibilities, etc. As the manpower department is the spine of every organization, there is huge response over the person who is assigned as a HRM Specialist (Or) direct recruiter.

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International Business Management

The global industries in all sectors are booming day to day. Due to the rising number of booming industries, there are lots of demand of professionals in various MNC’s and reputed organizations across the world. International business Management is one of the biggest employment opportunities of now days for the aspirants who wish to work in a business sector. Working in a Business Management position in a firm not only provides you good job growth, but also it’s an opportunity to roam around the world as a part of profession. Absolutely, the job of international Business Management is really a challenging one, but it will find as an enjoyable by the ones who really like the Management Profession.

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Operation Management

Basically, the department of operation management deals with the specifications such as controlling of production, stabilizing the business operations, products of goods (Or) services, etc. Those who wish to become an operational manager in a company must have skills in leadership quality, methodological and systematic production practices, and Managerial skills according to the service/ product offered by the organization. For more details, click here

Event Management

Event Management is the only one elegant position that may include the organizing of parties, Ceremony, festivals and various competition events. Rather than working in an organization, most of the candidates who were specialized in Event Management turned to start doing their own business in hosting various parties and events. Event Management is being taught by mentors of various institutes as certificate, full time and Part Time courses. Almost all event management institutes in India providing courses in Event Management are on the basis of common written exam conducted by the student selection team of institute.

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Retail Management

The retail businesses all over the world are booming on day to day. The retail business like factory affiliated outlets, plazas, and shopping malls are around us. Day to day, the count of retail stores are found increasing tremendously than any other fields. Principally, the course retail management deals about the subjects like Management, Logistics and Customer Satisfaction. There is huge number of job openings on every year for the candidates who were specialized in Retail management. The independent companies and Conglomerates in IT, Mechanical and Business sectors are hiring Candidates who are specialized in Retail Management.

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Science Courses After 12th

Around 55% of the students were taken science subject in the 12th standard. The candidates who enrolled in the science field in class 12th are eligible to take a professional course further other than the commerce discipline. Also, the professional courses that are admitting students purely on the basis of Class 12th science subjects score having comparatively higher job scopes than the professional courses in the other disciplines. Here, we are giving you an outline about the various professional courses for the candidates who wish to join in science disciplines after 12th.

B.Sc, B.Sc (Hons)

This is one among the lowest fee course for the students who were taken science stream in class 12th. Bachelor of Science is commonly known as ‘Traditional Science.’ The candidates who enrolled in a B.Sc discipline can find a career in Medical representative, instructor in labs, mentor in professional education institutions, biologist, zoologist, researcher and data analyst. Those who passed B.Sc can find a career in both the Government and private sectors.

Course Category: Degree

Course Duration: 3-4 Years

Annual Salary for Fresher: 2-3 lakh per Annum

Admission: Based on the entrance exam score

Eligibility: Candidates with 12th science stream

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Naturopathy & Yogic Science

Naturopathy & Yogic Science is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with study of Nature Science and Yoga practices. Though ‘Naturopathy & Yogic Science’ is originated from India, due to the high demand, it is now started by various universities across the world. Principally, the course teaches about the alleviating diseases by using natural substances and herbal medicines.

Course Category: Degree

Course Duration: 4½ +1 year Internship

Annual Salary for Fresher: 2.5-3.5 lakh per Annum (for fresher)

Admission: Based on 12th Marks and the written test organized by the institute (Optional)

Eligibility: Candidates with 12th science stream

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Pharmacy is one reputed courses of now days preferred by numerous students across the world. The course involves subjects including Chemistry, study of drug names and purposes, pharmaceutical chemistry, analysis of chemical and drugs, research development and calibration of the instruments. There are abundant job opportunities are releasing at all time for the candidates who attended pharmacy course. A description link is attached below, which contains the information like career in pharmacy, overview, list of institutions in India offering courses in Pharmacy, career, etc.

Course Category: Degree

Course Duration: 3 Years

Annual Salary for Fresher: 2.5-3.5 lakh per Annum (for fresher)

Admission: Based on the regulations of Pharmacy Council of India

Eligibility: Candidates with 12th science stream

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BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is one of the popular degree that preferred by many students after 10+ 2 as a job guaranteed career option. Half or more institutes offering BCA are offering 2-3 months job oriented program after the course. The candidates who enrolled in BCA can learn about the topics such as basics of computer programming, networking and database management. The booming situation of IT industries across the world gives more opportunities to the candidates specialized in Computer application. After the completion of BCA course, the candidates can find a career as IT administrator, software developer, security analyst, programmer or quality assurance checker in IT and software development companies.

Course Category: Degree Type

Course Duration: 3 Years

Annual Salary for Fresher: 2.5-3.5 lakh per Annum (for fresher)

Admission: Based on 12th Marks and the written test organized by the institute (Optional)

Eligibility: Candidates with 12th science stream

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Medical Courses After 12th

Medicine is assumed as one of the most rewarding career opportunities for students who have completed 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You can assume medical domain as an evergreen career domain owning a long list of opportunities. As the demand of qualified and skilled doctors are increasing day by day, in such cases choosing this filed as your career goal could be a well-thought decision. There are various specializations of medical education and we are elaborating here one by one.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is an undergraduate medical programmes one can pursue who have completed their 12th with PCB and English. To get admission to MBBS programme candidates will have to go through any undergraduate medical entrance test conducted across the country.

Course duration: 5.5 years

Course type: Undergraduate Level

Educational Background: Class 12th with PCB

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Choosing your career in nursing domain is not only a job much in demand but also having a great career growth. How to become a registered nurse, it’s a big question that may hit your mind if this is your desiring career domain. Candidates who have completed class 12th education with PCB can pursue their career in this field.

Course duration: 4 years

Course type: Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with PCB

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

BDS degree is assumed as equivalent to MBBS programme but it works in different domain. After completion of BDS course, you can pursue your career in dental department. Aspirants can find vast job opportunities in this domain.

Course duration: 5 years

Course type: Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with PCB

courses after 12thCheck more info about BDS

BUMS (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery)

Nowadays, a majority of students are choosing this course for betterment of their career. It is a bachelor’s degree programme one can purse after completion of class 12th education with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. After completion of this course, one can explore an ultimate level of job opportunities at fresher and experienced level.

Course duration: 5.5 years

Course type: Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with PCB

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BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

The concept of Ayurveda has been existing from the ancient time and now it has become certified and even more advanced due to outstanding technological advancement. One can get degree in Ayurveda from a recognized institute after completion of class 12th education with Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Course duration: 5.5 years

Course type: Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with PCB

Know more about BAMS


Physiotherapy is basically a type of therapy used to restore the monetary disable people. The professional helps sufferer to come out from this problem through exercise. If you’d like to have expertise in this domain then you need to do a professional degree course in Physiotherapy.

Course duration: 4.5 years

Course type: Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with PCB

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BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)

BHMS is basically a bachelor’s degree in Homeopathy and one can choose this course if they have completed the intermediate with Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Homeopathy treatment is one of oldest illness treatment and much in demand nowadays.

Course duration: 5.5 years

Course type: Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with PCB

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Medical Lab Technician

A medical lab technician can find jobs in every sector of medicine and even they can open their private lab. But to become a lab technician, candidates should have diploma and degree course in this domain. The minimum qualification students should have to opt this course is class 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Course duration: Either one year or three year

Course type: Diploma/Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with PCB

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Commerce Courses After 12th

After science, Commerce is the most demanding course by class 12 students. The course commerce mainly includes with the subjects such as exchange of goods, money exchange, services between the companies and Business development. The candidates who learned commerce in any disciplines can get an opportunity to work in fields such as business development manager, Chartered accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, business representative, business manager and many more roles. Similarly, the salary of a Commerce specialist is lucrative and that for the reason why more candidates are interested to join in Commerce discipline after class 12.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a basic level course in Commerce discipline. It is found that candidates who wish to start their career in commerce line starts with The topics that students learn in B.Com are-overview of all business scenarios, buying and selling goods, banking and communications, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management and Operations. The candidates who were chosen B.Com can work in sectors like Finance Management, Accounts management and business development.

Course Category: Degree

Course Duration: 3 Years

Annual Salary for Fresher: 1.5-2.5 lakh per Annum (for fresher)

Admission: Based on 12th Marks and the written test organized by the institute (Optional)

Eligibility: Candidates with 12th Commerce stream

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Chartered Accountant (CA)

Chartered accountancy course is one of most aspiring courses available having outstanding career growth and exceptional salary. Chartered Accountancy is the largest career domain for candidates those are from commerce background. The course enables candidates to work for auditing, cost accounting, management accounting, tax management, consultancy and in reputed industries.

Course duration: 5 years

Course type: Degree Level

Educational Background: Class 12th with Commerce or Science

Know more about chartered accountant

Company Secretary (CS)

If you have completed class 12th education with commerce background then Company Secretary Course could be one of the most demanding career alternatives for you. However, arts & science students can also go for this domain as per their interest. A Company Secretary is responsible to deal with legal matter of any industry.

Course duration: 3 years

Course type: Degree Level

Educational Background: Class 12th with Commerce or Science or Arts

Know more about CS

Arts & Humanities Courses After 12th

Arts & Humanities are assumed as the greatest career opportunity for youngsters and holds several domains starting from photography to interior design. If you are passionate about this field then this is going to give you a career growth you’ve expected ever. There are several courses available in the domain but having minimum bachelor’s degree is assumed as most apt. To acquire bachelor’s degree in this domain one must have cleared class 12th in any stream.


If you are just crazy about photograph and love to capture special moments in your camera then this is going to be the most rewarding career opportunities for you. One can pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Photography as per their desire.

Course duration: Depends upon the course

Course type: Diploma/Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with any stream

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Mass Communication

If you hold your interest in the field of media, journalism, films and ads then you can pursue your career in the field of Mass Communication. You can do bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree programme from a recognized institute or university. The domain owns an exceptional career growth and an amazing salary package.

Course duration: 1 year/3years/2years

Course type: Diploma/UG/PG

Educational Background: Class 12th with any stream

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Hotel Management & Catering

No matter you have completed your 12th class in which stream; you are eligible to pursue a diploma or degree level course in Hotel Management & Catering. There are various university level and national level Hotel Management entrance exams are conducted across the country. Candidates who are looking their career in this domain they must need to qualify one of these tests.

Course duration: 1 year/3 years

Course type: Diploma/Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with any stream

Click here for further details

Fashion Technology

Would you like to enter into the world of glamour? So, choosing your career in fashion technology is a right thought decision. There are a majority of reputed institutes available those are offering various diploma and degree level course in Fashion Designing.

Course duration: 1 year/2 years/3 years

Course type: Certificate/Diploma/Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with any stream

For further information, click here

Animation & Multimedia

For arts students, Animation is one of the most apt career alternatives. If you are creative and want to craft your creativity into reality then you can pursue one of the courses offered in Animation & Multimedia.

Course duration: 1 year/3 years

Course type: Diploma/Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with any stream

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Visual Arts

Visual Arts contains various creative fields such as drawing, ceramics, painting, printmaking, sculpture, design, photography, crafts, video, architecture and filmmaking. Candidates having professional degree in Visual Arts can find employment in several fields as we have specified above.

Course duration: 1 Year/2 Years/3 Years

Course type: Certificate/Diploma/Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with any stream

Know more about visual arts

Interior Design

Interior Design is one of the booming career opportunities for aspirants and it starts with decorating of interior space. Candidates those would like to give a new height to their career in this domain they need to acquire a diploma or degree level program in Interior Design.

Course duration: 1 Year/3 Years

Course type: Diploma/Degree

Educational Background: Class 12th with any stream

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If a student have done 12th in Art stream then he/she can pursue further study in art, management, humanities, media, journalism, fashion, and tourism stream.

If student have done 12th with PCB or biology then he/she can pursue their further study in pharmacy, medical, science research and all art group fields.

If student have completed 12th with PCM or Math then he/she can pursue further study in pharmacy, engineering & technology, architecture, and all art group fields.

And furthermore, students from any of above disciplines can pursue their further studies in fashion, Management, law, textile, social work and library science.

But before picking any course we recommend you to crosscheck all the details about that particular course and its importance in the industry. It happens habitually that we are misled by the views of others and take wrong decisions, so ensure you do not become victim to any kind of rigid assumptions.

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    • Management:

      Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]
      Min. Duration 3 Years
      Max. Duration 6 Years


      Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com]
      Min. Duration 3 Years
      Max. Duration 6 Years


      Bachelor of Arts [B.A.]
      Min. Duration 3 Years
      Max. Duration 6 Years

      Computer Applications(CA)/Information Technology(IT)

      Bachelor of Computer Applications [BCA] :
      Min. Duration 3 Years
      Max. Duration 6 Years

      Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) [B.Sc IT] :
      Min. Duration 3 Years
      Max. Duration 6 Years

      Diploma in Computer Applications [DCA] :
      Min. Duration 1 Year
      Max. Duration 3 Years

      Library And Information Sciences:

      Diploma in Library & Information Sciences [DLIS]
      Min. Duration 1 Year
      Max. Duration 3 Years

      Best Institutes:
      1. IGNOU
      2. LPU

  23. Hello” sir , me delhi se hu and mene arts li thi byt me computer opreter ka courses krna chahti hu iti se ab me 12 Pass ke li hai .. kya me join kr sakti hu???? plzz reply Sir

  24. sir m 12th (non-medical) ki ha m agriculture or weather se or forensic lab se related course k bare m janna chahta hu

  25. Plz tell me about courses

  26. mera name Diwakar hai mai sc warg we ho mai iti karna chahata ho kab
    tak niklega addition farm

  27. i passes class 12 from vocational side so what i can do… i am intrested in computer tell me some courses…

  28. sir i completed my 12 class and i decided to study in delhi university in b.a under graduate so when the admissions was opened air please help me

  29. sir i completed my 12 cource and and i decided to study b.a in undergraduate cource and when the aplication was relesed sir please help me

  30. I have completed my 12th std I want to choose B.A.History in delhi university

  31. Hello sir.. I am IrTika.. I had passed 12th std with arts stream recently.. Now I want to do BA LLB in Kashmir university.. Am I taking the right decision .. And what should I consult for entrance test..

  32. sir I’m a science student but now I want to change my stream to commerce after 12.. plz let me know the advantages and disadvantages of doing it…..

  33. sir, I’ve appeared H.S. examination examination this year . i’m a student in science stream (pcm). my result is not yet out . I want to become a software engineer . i’m in great need of advice ..I don’t know which institute to choose …but I do want to go to delhi university. but the thing is that I don’t have any idea how to get in there.plz help me…..

  34. Iam a student of bipc I want to do foodscience course what I have to do

  35. i passed 12th and i want to do c.s by bhu what can i do

  36. jitender kumar sharma

    Hello sir ,
    I am 12 class student form arts side exam on 2017 plz let me know how to join BA.LLB in your university.

  37. my name is Fahad please help me sir

    Maine 12pass hu Maine PCB se 12 pass out kiya hai hai AB Mai Kya Karu . please contact me my number is 8756277624.

  38. Sir I am appearing student of medical in this session and could not understand that what I have to do for taking admission.and could not understand that which college is better for me.

  39. Hlo sir my name is shadab khan my qulfition 10 2 aur me computer software ka crouse kar na chata hu kha sa karo pls help me my number 8439364023

  40. DEAR SIR,
    can you tell me how to join LLB in this University

  41. DEAR SIR,

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