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Our Domain is aimed in providing the up-to-date accurate information of various exam notifications and reporting the educational alerts that is publicized by various universities across The India and Abroad. We displayed such collected information under various relevant tabs in our website, also we suggesting you that utilize the integrated search bar option for the quick finding of needy data.


We collect information from various resources and hence we can’t take guarantee of its 100% accuracy. However, we try our level best to provide you genuine information. We are not the official authority who takes care of exam or admission process. We just provide information about various entrance exams, govt. jobs, university admission held across the country.

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We are always strive our best to display the best information in our website, we are collecting these pieces of information and general data from affiliated Reuters, News agencies, PRESS sources and the official websites of Educational Institutions. So that is the reason why a reader can expect trusty and accurate results on We never accept any Guest posts, from any organizations or authors that are merely meant for commercial purpose, also we haven’t had business tie-up with any educational institutions. All the writings on this website ( are generated from the research initiated by our Editors, staff writers and Research Team.

Feedback: if you notice errors or feel improvisation in any of the contents, please feel free to report us: We will update the information, if your suggestion is found Relevant. Write your suggestion at

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We made this site Compactable in all mobile applications, Mobile browsers, tablets, desktops and Laptops.  1024×768 is the tested minimum screen resolution that needed in Desktop view.  Meanwhile, if you feel any access difficulties, do let us know that trouble first. We will fix the issue within no time.

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Contents: All The Contents, Images (Unless Mentioned), Official Logo, Media Files, Clippings, Animations that are written/displayed in this web page is Sole-owned to the management of We are suggesting to the site visitors that never copy or republish ours these data’s to any websites, social sites or forums for personal (or) commercial purpose without gaining the prior permission from site owners.  If we noticed any such data violation concerned to our data’s, we will undoubtedly take a legal action against that person (or) organization in according to the policies of Cyber law.

Age Restriction: On the basis of federal law’s Children privacy policy, this site access is limit to the users who are above 13 years of old.


For managing the sit’s expenses we place accepts third parties to display their ads in our website. One such ad serving program is Google adsense.  They are displaying ads on their associated websites, on the basis of Cookies (Past browsing history). A cookie is information that a Web site puts on your hard disk so that it can remember something about you at a later time.  A cookie helps to display the relevant ads on websites that based on users previous web searches.   Cookies are non-harmful and it is not capable of collecting the users’ data. Meanwhile, you can also turn off the cookies through your web browser. However, by disabling the Cookie, some features of our website won’t display properly.

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