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How to Prepare for NEET 2020 in 1 year- 1 year study plan for NEET

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is the most prestigious medical entrance exam of India. It is expected that more than 10 Lakh candidates will appear in this exam. So, it is obvious that the competition in the NEET is going to very tough and aspirants need to prepare really well to clear it. However, still there is about a year left for this exam and students can prepare well by making a 1-year study Plane for NEET.

In case you are also aspiring to appear in NEET, then you should start preparing without any delay. In this article, we will provide complete guidance for the students wondering How to prepare for NEET 2020 in 1 Year? And 1 Year study Plan for NEET.

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How to Prepare for NEET in 1 Year?

Follow the steps mentioned below to get yourself prepared for NEET in 1 year.

Step 1: Make a one-year study plan for NEET 

By making a 1-year study plan for NEET, we mean that you should create a timetable for yourself in order to study for NEET. Make short-term goals and achieve them. Allocate a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for studying.

Making a study plan or timetable won’t work unless you strictly follow it. It is advised that you should make 1 year study plan for NEET, in such a way that you will complete the syllabus at least 2-3 months before the exam.

Step 2: Know the syllabus

You should know and completely understand the syllabus of NEET before start studying. It is advised that candidates should focus more on NCERT books before moving on to the other reference books.

Step 3: Study as per your one-year study plan for NEET

Start by studying all the important topics from NCERT first, and then focus on the topics for the reference books. Achieve the short term target you have made for yourself while making a 1-year study plan for NEET.

Step 4: Solve as many mock tests as possible.

The simple answer to How to prepare for NEET 2020 in 1 year is that you should study and solve as many mock tests as possible. The mock tests will help you identify your weakness and strengths. Taking Mock tests will also help you in increasing your speed as well.

Important Chapters for NEET Exam

It is not possible to predict the exact topics from which the question will be asked in NEET 2019. However, the applicant should focus on the below-mentioned chapters as a large number of questions were asked from these chapters in the previous year exam.

Important Chapters for NEET exam – Physics Portion

Mechanics is the most important topic as far as physics is concerned. About 12-13 questions were asked from this topic in the last year exam.

The Chapter/Unit wise number of questions and Marks for the physics portion is given below:

Best Books to Crack NEET– Physics, Chemistry and Biology Books

Chapter/Unit Number of Questions Total Marks
Electrodynamics 10 40
Heat & Thermodynamics 5 20
Mechanics 13 52
Modern Physics 3 12
Optics 5 20
SHM & Waves 4 16

As you can see in the above-mentioned table, Mechanics is the most important chapter for NEET 2019 exam as far as physics portion is concerned.

Important Chapters for NEET – Chemistry Portion

As per the question paper of previous year exam, organic chemistry is the most important chapter for the NEET 2020 exam’s chemistry portion.  The chapter wise weightage of questions and marks are elaborated in the table given below:

Chapter/Unit Number of Questions Total Marks
Inorganic Chemistry – I 8 32
Inorganic Chemistry – II 8 32
Organic Chemistry – I 3 12
Organic Chemistry – II 13 52
Physical Chemistry – II 7 28
Physical Chemistry – II 6 24

Important Chapters for NEET exam – Biology Portion

The syllabus of Biology portion is divided into two parts that are Botany and Zoology. The weightage of marks was very evenly distributed in the biology portion of the last year NEET exam. The chapter wise weightage of Question and Marks in Zoology and Botany are given below:

For Botany

Chapter/Unit Number of Questions Total Marks
Biological Classification 3 12
Cell Biology 4 16
Ecology 6 24
Genetics 5 20
Living World 1 4
Molecular Basis of Inheritance 6 24
Morphology 1 4
Morphology of flowering plants 1 4
Plant Anatomy 3 12
Plant Kingdom 6 24
Plant Morphology 2 8
Reproduction in Flowering Plant 5 20

For Zoology

Chapter/Unit Number of Questions Total Marks
Animal Kingdom 3 12
Animal Morphology 1 4
Animal Physiology 1 4
Bio-molecules 4 16
Biotechnology 3 12
Evolution 1 4
Human Health and Disease 3 12
Human Physiology 16 64
Human Reproduction 1 4
Microbes in Human Welfare 3 12
Reproductive Health 2 8
Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production 2 8

As we can see in the table the marks and question in Botany and zoology portion are quite evenly distributed. However, we can say that Human Physiology is the most important chapter is biology portion.

Tips and Tricks

Candidates wondering “How to prepare for NEET in 1 year” should follow the below-mentioned tips and trick in order to prepare better for the NEET exam.

  • Do not invest excess time on any single topic or subject.
  • Try and build your speed by taking regular mock tests.
  • Focus on clearing your concepts rather than remembering each and everything.
  • Cover the important topics first.
  • Focus on NCERT books first then move on to other reference books.
  • Make daily, weekly and Monthly targets for yourself and achieve them.
  • Stays fit and take short breaks while studying. Stay away from unnecessary stress.

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