How to prepare for CEED Exam?

Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED) is an exam conducted by IIT-Bombay for students seeking admission to Design courses offered. The paper is divided into two Parts; Part A and Part B. Candidates who clear Part A are allowed to appear for Part B. Total marks are 100 divided equally amongst both the parts.

Part A of the exam consists of multiple choice questions which tests various abilities of the candidates such as General Aptitude, General Awareness/Knowledge, Analytical capabilities and his imagination and drawing skills.

As there is no prescribed book by the institute, the candidates can expect few surprises like questions related to mechanical engineering were asked in previous years. Basically, the candidate must have knowledge about all the aspects of designs and current affairs.

Part B is further divided into two sections, namely, Drawing Ability and Design Problem Solving. This section checks the drawing ability of the candidate and any candidate with good drawing skills can clear this section without much problem.

The institute can change the exam pattern any year; but will inform the candidate through its online portal.  So the candidates are advised to check the online portal of the institute for exam pattern of CEED.

Now coming to the preparation part, as said earlier there is no prescribed book for the exam by the institute, the candidate should improve his general awareness and works on his drawing skills. Some important tips on CEED Preparation are listed below:

  • Improve your creativity skills – The candidate must read anything related to Interaction Designs and also improved his skills on Visual Communications. There are some good books available in the market on these topics and candidates can purchase them online through e-commerce websites.
  • Solve previous year question papers- The candidates must go through the exam pattern of previous years and try solving the questions on their own. The candidates should match their answers to see how well they did in those exams. Solving previous year question papers can boost the morale of the candidate appearing for the exam. So, download the previous year’s papers from the official websites of various reputed institutes such as IIT and try solving it.
  • Enhance 3D drawing skills- Improving the drawing skills is the necessity for clearing the exam. The candidates must be able to imagine and draw a 3D model of the thing they wants to present. The best way is to sit with pen/pencil and paper and attempt to sketch. The aspirants can try to improve their 3D skills by drawing common household items such as fruits, fridge or any other thing. More you draw, more you will learn about sketching which automatically makes you better prepared for it.
  • The exam checks for the creative power of the candidate. So the candidate must try to answer his questions in a different way if he/she can. Doing this will surely increase his chances of clearing the exam as most of the candidates are afraid to think out of the box while answering the same question.
  • Proper time management- The candidate must divide his time upon the various topics covered in the exam as per his grip on the topics. Like, if the candidate is good in drawing then he must give more time in honing his skills in general awareness and other topics in which he finds himself in troubled waters.
  • Read daily cartoon strip- Also, the candidate must read daily cartoon strips online or in the newspaper as it improves the candidate’s ability to present his views in a storyboard format which impresses the evaluator.

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