Method of Answering Questions in BHU UET Exam

Candidates must answer questions asked in the BHU UET Exam as per the instructions provided by the Banaras Hindu University. Candidates must take time to read important instructions before they start the test. For the convenience of aspirants, we are sharing here complete guidelines of answering questions in the UET exam. By following the method of answering questions in BHU UET you can avoid unnecessary hassle you might have to face at the time of examination.

Important Highlights

  • At the beginning of the test, candidates will be provided a Question Booklet containing the questions and a separate Answer Sheet.
  • Candidates will have 10 minutes of time to go through the question booklet whether it is in proper sequence or not. In case you find any fault you need to immediately inform regarding the same to Superintendent/Invigilators for obtaining a fresh question booklet.
  • Write your question booklet no., roll number and set no. in the appropriate place provided by using INK/Ball Point Pen only.
  • Each question will have four alternatives; candidates are required to select the correct answer. The correct answer can be recorded by darkening the appropriate oval in the answer sheet. Candidates are instructed to use only Blue/Black Ball Point pen while darkening the oval.
  • Your answer will be assumed as incorrect in case you have marked more than one oval.
  • If you don’t want to attempt a particular question then leave all the ovals against that question as blank.
  • There a separate place for rough work, please do your rough work in that place only.
  • You are strictly prohibited to torn or remove any page from the question booklet. If you are found by doing so, you’ll be assumed under the criminal offense.

Keep in Mind:

Here are something that you need to keep in your mind before answering the questions in BHUT UET exam-

  • If you have committed any mistake while writing the Roll No., Set No. etc. on the answer sheet, it won’t be possible to rectify the same. Using Whitener for changing the answer is not permitted.
  • Question booklet will be provided to candidates after completion of the test.
  • Provisional answer key will be displayed on the official website within 4 to 5 days of completion of the exam.
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