MBBS in Italy 2024: Eligibility Criteria, Admission Process, advantages Disadvantages

Italy has the strongest reputation for offering high-quality education in the field of medicine and healthcare. MBBS in Italy has become a popular choice among international students who want to study abroad for medical education. The country has the oldest education system in Europe. Italy has gained the status of the most famous destinations to receive the best education with pioneering, refined strategies and logical practices.

MBBS in Italy states to the medical education program provided by Italian universities. It takes around six years to complete an MBBS degree in Italy. An MBBS degree in Italy is known as an MD degree (Medicine Doctor). The MD degree from Italy is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and is considered equivalent to the MBBS in India.

MBBS Admission in Italy Highlights

Admission TimeSeptember-October
Release of applicationsMarch-June
Duration of MBBS in Italy6 years (including internship)
Average cost of livingAbout Rs. 1,75,000/Year
CurrencyEuro, Italian Lira
Top Medical School in ItalyUniversity of Turin Humanitas University University of Bologna
ScholarshipCertain Fee waiver and 5,200 Euros fixed scholarship for food and accommodation

What are the advantages of MBBS in Italy?

Italy offers various benefits to international students pursuing MBBS in Italy. Foreign nationals can check below the pros of MBBS in Italy.

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Cost of Education: The tuition fee for MBBS courses in Italy is comparatively less than in other European countries.

World-class universities and quality Education: Italy has the oldest and most prestigious medical universities in the world. The medical schools in Italy are known as outstanding institutions by various associations like NMC, WHO, and UNESCO for providing first-class education, with a strong focus on research and practical training.

Italian universities are recognized globally.

Cultural diversity: Foreign nationals can experience great exposure to diversity and enriched culture.

Work opportunities: Students can get massive work opportunities in Italy after graduation.

Scholarships: Many Universities in Italy offer zero fee scholarships to eligible foreign nationals who want to study MBBS in Italy through scholarships.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Italy

The students need to know the drawbacks of studying MBBS in Italy before making a decision. Some of the major problems of studying MBBS in Italian universities are listed below.

Language barrier: Many international students face language difficulties in Italy. Most of the universities and colleges in Italy provide education in the Italian language. So, foreign students may need to learn the language to understand the curriculum and to interact with the locals.

High-cost living standard: Although the tuition fees may be affordable, the living costs in Italy are very high, especially in cities like Milan, or Rome.

Lengthy Course: The MBBS degree course in Italy takes six years to complete, which may be longer than in some other countries.

Eligibility Requirements for MBBS in Italy 2024

The eligibility criteria for MBBS Admission in Italy 2024 may differ for various universities. Candidates can check some basic eligibility conditions for MBBS Italy Admission.

The minimum age of candidates must be 17 years old at the time of admission.

International students must have completed their high school education or an equivalent examination with a science background.

Language proficiency: Candidates should know the Italian language and also be highly skilled in the English language.

Visa Requirements: International students require a valid study visa for admission to Italy.

Health Insurance: Students need to have a health insurance policy to cover medical expenses in Italy.

NEET score is also mandatory for Indian Students.

Admission procedure for MBBS in Italy

The admission process for Universities in Italy is quite simple. It may vary for some universities.

Students can apply online from the university portal to which they want to get admission. 

Fill out the application form.

Submit all required original documents and apply for the course of your choice.

Your application will be processed and reviewed by the university. It will take a few days to get a response from the university side.

After receiving the offer letter, keep it safe for future use.

Candidates have to pay the required registration fees.

After the payment of fees, apply for Visa.

Once you received your study visa to Italy, book your flight to Italy before the commencement of the academic session.

List of documents required for MBBS Admission in Italy

Following is the list of required documents for applying for admission to Italy.

  1. Transcripts of 10th and 12th class exam
  2. Copy of the Passport with a validity of at least 18 months
  3. Copy of valid offer letter
  4. Date of Birth certificate
  5. 10 Passport size photographs
  6. Statement of purpose
  7. Medical certificate
  8. Visa fees
  9. Letter of Recommendation
  10. HIV test documents and results

Tuition fees to study MBBS in Italy

The cost of studying MBBS in Italy is comparatively cheaper than in other EU countries. In general, an MBBS degree in Italy costs around 20-30 lakhs for the complete course. The tuition fee cost for international students in Italy at different levels and universities is mentioned below.

Type of universityTuition fee (average)
Public University900 euros – 4,000 euros per year
Private university6,000 euros – 20,000 euros per year

Top MBBS Universities in Italy

Some best universities to study MBBS in Italy for international students are following

  1. The University of Milan
  2. Humanitas University,
  3. University of Pisa
  4. The University of Florence
  5. The University of Bologna
  6. The University of Udine
  7. The University of Verona
  8. The University of Turin
  9. Vita-Salute San Raffaele University
  10. University of Padua
  11. Sapienza University Rome
  12. The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
  13. The University of Genoa
  14. University of Brescia
  15. The University of Parma
  16. University of Messina
  17. Marche Polytechnic University


Is NEET Score required for admission to MBBS in Italy?

Yes, a 50% NEET score is required for MBBS admission in Italy.

How must does MBBS cost in Italy for Indian students?

The cost of studying MBBS in Italy ranges between 20-30 lakh.

Is an MBBS degree from Italy valid in India?

Yes, an MBBS degree from Italy is valid in India provided the degree is received from an accredited medical university in Italy.

What is the duration of an MBBS degree in Italy?

It takes 6 years to graduate (along with an internship) with an MBBS in Italy.

What is the salary after doing an MBBS in Italy?

As per the survey reports, the average salary of an MBBS doctor in Italy is around €130,983 a year.

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