Highly Paid Job Opportunities For Arts Students: Top 10 Careers in Arts 2023

Students who pursue their study in Arts have unlimited career options to choose from. In today’s time, the demand for creative and artistic talents in various sectors has increased rapidly. Those times are gone when people thought arts subjects were only for those students who were not good in their studies.

Arts is one of the most creative disciplines. There are plenty of career options for students of arts, however, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to pick right career path after completing their studies. Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in arts can choose between a job and further education. So, if you’ve graduated in arts, there is a complete list of PG courses that you may choose for better job opportunities.

Those who are looking for employment alternatives after a BA might be surprised to know about that there is an abundance of professions to pursue after a bachelor’s degree in Arts. For example, students who have completed their higher studies in arts can prepare for civil services examinations, banks (PO), marketing executives, and chartered accountants. However, the selection of the right subjects is important to get the highest-paid jobs.

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If you are one of those people who are looking for top careers in arts then this article is for you. Here, you can explore various career options after completing 12th/Graduation in arts.

Best Careers after 12th in Arts 2023

There are plenty of options for the students to choose after 12th arts. However, sometimes student finds it difficult to make the right career decision after their board exams. Therefore, below, we’ve provided the list of top career options after 12th arts to make your task easy.

Career Choices after 12th Arts

Students can pursue following courses after their 12th to get highly-paid job opportunities in the field of arts.

Degree after 12th ArtsJob optionsSalary (average)
Bachelor of Arts (BA)Executive Assistant Content writer Human Resource Manager (HR)Ranges between Rs 4.00 LPA – 5.00 LPA
Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)Marketing Managers Sales and Marketing Executives Financial Analyst Human Resources Managers (HR)Ranges between Rs 4.00 LPA – 5.00 LPA
Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A)Professors/ Teacher Art Directors Professional Dancer/ Singers Creative WritersRanges between Rs 5.00 LPA – 6.00 LPA
Bachelor of Journalism and Mass CommunicationCopywriter Content writer Marketing ExecutiveRanges between Rs 4.00 LPA – 5.00 LPA
Bachelor of Hotel ManagementHotel Manager Accommodation Manager Meeting & Event PlannerRanges from Rs 9.0 LPA to 13.0 LPA
BA in SociologyJournalist Social Worker Family Counsellors Rehabilitation CounsellorRanges from Rs 3.0 LPA to 4.0 LPA
BA in EnglishContent Writer Professor Copywriter JournalistRanges from Rs 3.0 LPA to 5.0 LPA
Integrated Law Programme (B.A + L.L.B)Legal Advisor Company Secretary Litigation LawyerRanges from Rs 5.0 LPA- 8.0 LPA
Event ManagementEvent Manager Event Planner Wedding PlannerRanges from Rs 5.0 LPA- 7.0 LPA
BA in EconomicsEconomist Financial Risk Analyst Data analyst AccountantRanges from Rs 2.0 LPA- 12.0 LPA
Bachelor in Fashion DesigningDesign Manager Fashion Designer Fashion StylistRanges from Rs 5.0 LPA- 7.0 LPA
BA in Political SciencePolitical scientist Business executive Political consultantRanges from Rs 5.0 LPA- 7.0 LPA

Best Jobs for Arts Students

Below, we have mentioned the arts stream job list with salary. Students after their graduation can opt for the following career choices.

Top career after 12thRequired skillsAverage Salary
SEO AnalystMust know the use of Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster, Google Adwords, etc. Moreover, students must be creative and curious and possess analytical, Data-driven, and Search Algorithms skills.Rs 2 LPA to 5 LPA
Social WorkerOne must be compassionate towards the needy, Optimist, Humble and kind, Empathetic, Modest, Ethical awareness, Crisis InterventionRs 2.0 LPA- 3.5 LPA
Media Manager/ Creative Director/ JournalistExceptional communication skills Strive for the truth, Multi-tasking, Flexible work hours, Boldness and courage, Critical Thinking, Objectivity and Good Judgment    Rs 3.0 LPA to 15 LPA
Content Writer/BloggerOne must have good fluency in the required language and know grammar rules. Apart from this, Creative and analytical skills, SEO awareness, and Research skills are required for this profession.Rs 3 LPA to 6 LPA
Fashion/Interior DesignerA graduate must have a solid command of skills like Artistic Skills, Excellent Fashion sense, drawing skills, visualization power, and Networking and Digital skillsRs 3 LPA to 6 LPA
Wildlife PhotographyMust know the use of professional equipment, excellent photography skills, Physical endurance, Outdoor survival skills, Master in photographic styles, Patience, Post-processing skillsRs 3 LPA to 6 LPA
Jobs in the Public sectorPatience, sensibility and humble approach, good communication skills, Teamwork, Commitment and hard work, Basic Computer Literacy, Ethical AwarenessRs 4 LPA to 10.0 LPA
Social Media ManagerOne must be creative and possess various skills like Analytical skill, Strategic planning, Scheduling and Planning, Optimization of content and technology, Audience Engagement skills, Social Media Platform Expertise, Brand Strategy.Rs 3 LPA-6 LPA
Event ManagementThe required skills for the profession of Event Management include Interpersonal skills, team management skills, Organizational skills, Time management skills, Flexible and Passionate, Creativity and Coordination.Rs 4 LPA-6 LPA
Growth MarketerFor this job, one must know how to combine the art of creativity with rigorous analysis and possess skills like Marketing skills, and Networking skills.Rs 3 LPA-6 LPA


Which jobs are in high demand after a degree in arts?

People who earn a bachelor’s degree in Arts can become an interior designer, Graphic designers, creative directors, video editors, journalists, event managers, media managers, etc. All these professions are in high demand after the arts degree.           

What are the high-paying arts field jobs?

Jobs like Fashion designer, Art director, User experience (UX) designer, Industrial designer, Product designer, corporate lawyer, Art lecturer, and Journalist are some of the well-paid jobs for the students of arts.

Is career in arts a good option or not?

Jobs in the Arts stream can very well be paying and satisfying in terms of work and life balance.

What subjects can I study in the Arts?

The main subjects in the field of Arts include History, Economics, Political Science, Hindi, Sociology, Geography, Philosophy, Computer Science, Psychology, Regional language, etc.

Is the arts stream easy?

It is not always true that the arts stream is easy. Education in arts discipline also has its own challenges.

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