Best Reasoning Books for Competitive Exams 2021

It is not wrong to say that Reasoning is the most crucial part of any competitive exam. When you analyze several competitive exams you’ll find 40-50 questions are asked from verbal and non-verbal reasoning section in every competitive exam. It signifies that if you have good command over reasoning section you can acquire good marks in the competitive exam.

I personally analyzed preparing reasoning is quite easier than preparing other subjects such as GK, aptitude etc. Here you don’t need to memorize many things and hence I strongly recommend students to get a very good command over this subject. Whether you talk about any competitive exams or campus drive, it is quite hard to ignore this subject for acquiring success.

Best Reasoning Books for Competitive Exams

Here I am listing the name of best books for reasoning and this will be extremely useful for students who are looking for the same:

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  • Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning by R S Aggarwal
  • How to Crack Test of Reasoning: In All Competitive Exam (English) by Arihant Publishers
  • Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey
  • A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Non-Verbal (English) 1st Edition by B S Sijwali, Indu Sijwal

Listed books are the best books for reasoning and students must follow them if they would like to achieve good command on these subject. Students can follow one book or more than one book as per their necessity.

We have shared only a few books to prepare for the competitive books. There are a number of books also available in the market. Please ask your mentor- they will suggest will right book to prepare for the exams. Apart from that, you also need to follow the study materials provided by your mentors. It will also help you to perform well in the exam. We wish you all the best.

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