Essential Tips to Improve Your Score in SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2023

‘Staff Selection Commission’ (SSC) will commence the ‘Combined Graduate Level Examination’ (SSC CGL) and there are numerous candidates who take part in the examination are nervous in the last week of the study plan. The last week study plan is crucial and candidates tend to look out for such tips which can help them improve their score in the SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2023.

According to the new test pattern, the CGL Tier-I exam will be a computer based test (CBT). Candidates are actually in the final stage of their preparation when they have just one week remaining with them for the exam preparation. Candidates, who are left with just one week for the preparation of SSC CGL Tier-I exam, can get some inspiring and smart tips here with which they will be able to pull their socks up.

SSC CGL Tier-1 2023 score boosting tips

Candidates are required to qualify sectional cut-off along with a total cutoff when they take part in the SSC CGL examination 2023. With the right approach and smart preparation strategy, candidates can make most of their time in the last week’s preparation. In the following points, tips have been given which will surely prove to be the smart marks booster for the SSC CGL Aspirants:

  • Get yourself closed in your study room for a week and assume that it is your last opportunity for SSC CGL

Check CGL exam pattern

In the last week, you might be anxious about the result whether you will be able to make it or not. Rather than focusing on the result of the examination, focus on the preparation and think about how smartly you can utilize the single second of the last week for SSC CGL Tier-I Exam 2023.

You need to get yourself closed in your study room and think that that this is your last opportunity to take part in the SSC CGL Exam Tier-I Exam 2023. The exam is a war of nerves and it may frighten you often but you need to prove that you are a man of action.

  • To be a time-abiding examinee, practice at least a sample question paper daily

Since it is the last week, stop attending the coaching classes if you have joined any. You have studied or you have prepared yourself now whatever you wanted to prepare. This is the time to judge what you have actually studied and this can be tested by solving at least a sample test daily for a week.

Turn your study room in an exam hall and solve a sample question paper daily within the time frame as you will be given in the exam hall. After solving the question paper, calculate your marks and know about your performance. You yourself will find the topics after the question paper analysis which you need to work upon.

  • Try to get updated with the current affairs section without focusing on whole GS preparation

‘General Study’ section is also one of the important section where candidates can earn marks as it is not much time-consuming. There are only two choices for GS and current affairs questions, either you know it or you don’t. If you have the answer, fill the oval in the OMR answer sheet or leave that blank. You are not required to solve a puzzle to find the answers to such questions.

Until the last week, whatever you have studied from General Studies, that’s enough. In the last week, you need to get yourself updated with the ‘Current Affairs’ section.

Check CGL syllabus

  • Work upon those topics which you are strong in leaving those topics untouched which you are not good at

Don’t touch the topics which are not in your vocabulary in the last week of SSC CGL Tier-I preparation. It will just be a wastage of time and efforts. However, if you make most of the time enhancing the topics which you are really good at, you will definitely be sure enough at least of those topics.

  • Give at least 4 hours a day to your quantitative aptitude and reasoning section as these subjects demand practice

Quantitative Aptitude and the Reasoning section requires rigorous and consistent practice and therefore candidates advised to practice the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning questions at least for 4 hours in the last week of preparation.

Lastly, never get depressed with the thought that you won’t be able to crack the exam. Stay positive and always keep an optimistic belief in your mind that even if single candidates is selected, that will be me. Hopefully, the tips given here will be useful for all the aspirants who will be appearing in the SSC CGL Tier-I. Wishing you all good luck!

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