WBJEE Syllabus 2024: Download Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Syllabus PDF Here

WBJEE Syllabus comprises different topics from the subjects Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. A candidate needs to read the WBJEE Syllabus thoroughly in order to crack the entrance exam. West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board (WBJEEB) annually conducts the WBJEE Entrance Exam inviting students to seek admission in various UG courses of Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, and Architecture respectively. Candidates need to know the Syllabus to prepare a strong foundation in the given subjects, for which we’ll be providing you the complete information on the WBJEE Syllabus in this article. Therefore, Readers are advised to go through the article to know about the crucial details on the syllabus.

WBJEE Mathematics Syllabus

Please read the highlight of Mathematics syllabus-

Arithmetic Progressions Geometric Progressions Harmonic Progressions
Algebra Complex Numbers Quadratic Equations
Logarithms Permutation and Combination Matrices
Sets, Relations & Functions Principle of Mathematic Induction Statistics
Probability Trigonometry Application of Calculus
Coordinate Geometry of Two Dimensions Coordinate Geometry of Three Dimensions Second Order Derivatives
Integral Calculus Vectors Binomial Theorem
Differential Calculus Polynomial Equation

WBJEE Physics Syllabus

Please read the highlight of Physics syllabus-

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Physical World , Measurements & Units and Dimensions Kinematics Laws of Motion
Motion of centre of Mass , Connected Systems and Friction Gravitation Bulk Property of Matter
Viscosity Thermodynamics Kinetic Theory of Gases
Oscillations & Waves Electrostatics Current Electricity
Magnetic Effects of Current Magnetics Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Waves Ray Optics Wave Optics
Particle nature of Light & Wave particle Dualism Atomic Physics Nuclear Physics
Solid State Electronics I-V Characteristics of LED, Photodiode, Solar cell & Zener diode

WBJEE Chemistry Syllabus

Please read the highlight of Chemistry syllabus-

Atoms , Molecules
& Chemical Arithmetic
Atomic Structure Radio Activity & Nuclear Chemistry
Periodic Table & Chemical Families Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure Coordination Compounds
Solid State Liquid State Gaseous State
Chemical Energetics & Chemical Dynamics Physical Chemistry of Solutions Ionic & Redox Equilibria
Hydrogen Chemistry of Non-Metallic Elements & their Compounds Chemistry of Metals
Chemistry in Industry Polymers Surface Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry Chemistry of Carbon Compounds Compounds- Alkanet ,Alkenes ,Alkynes
Haloalkanes & Haloarenes Alcohols Carboxylic Acid
Ethers Aromatic Compounds- Benzene , Amines , Haloarenes ,Phenols Application Oriented Chemistry
Biomolecules – Carbohydrates , ADP/ADT Principles of Qualitative Analysis

Candidates should be aware of the exam pattern of WBJEE as it will help them gain an insight into what & how the question paper will be composed of. Knowing the Exam pattern will help you make an effective strategy to crack the entrance examination.

  • Mode: OMR Based (Pen and Paper based Mode)
  • Subjects: The exam will comprise of 2 papers – Paper -I and Paper –II.

Paper-I will be of Mathematics

Paper-II will be of Physics and Chemistry

  • Type of Questions : MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Mathematics Physics Chemistry
Category-I (Full Marks-1) 50 30 30
Category-II (Full Marks-2) 15 5 5
Category-III (Full Marks-2) 10 5 5
Total No. of Questions 75 40 40
Total Marks 100 50 50

Note: In Category I and II, only one answer is right whereas in Category III, one or more than one answer might be possible.

Marking Scheme

Category-I Category-II Category-III
Right Answer +1 Mark for correct answer +2 Mark for correct answer +2 Marks for all correct response
Negative Marking -1/4 Mark will be deducted for wrong answer -1/2 Mark will be deducted for wrong answer -1/4 Mark will be deducted for wrong answer
Any combination -1/4 Mark will be deducted -1/2 Mark will be deducted 0 Mark will be deducted and

For partially correct response, marks awarded will be = 2 x (no. of correct options marked / total no. of correct options).

Question Not Attempted (Skipped) 0 marks for the question skipped 0 marks for the question skipped 0 marks for the question skipped

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