Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad in the World 2021

According to a report published in 2019, it is expected that more than 5.3 million students around the world are studying away from their home country. This figure is expected to rise up to 8 million by the year 2025. The reason behind this is that studying in a foreign country enhances the social, academic, and language skills of a student by many folds. It is also true that there are some countries in the world that provide more learning opportunities than others. That’s why many students keep on wondering about the best countries to study abroad in the world 2021. To help such students, we are providing a list of the top 10 countries to study abroad in the world.

List of 10 best countries to study abroad around the world 2021


Nothing is better than studying your favourite course in the dazzling city lights and sights of beautiful French cities. Plus, the overall vibe of the French atmosphere is also magical. The student falls in love with the romanticism of France.


  • The study programs are available in very diverse locations like modern Paris and medieval Avignon.
  • Students have to option to study either in French or English language.
  • State of the art fashion and food culture. Vibrant night-life and thriving cultural scene.
  • Students can decide who challenging the next semester going to be.

Reasons to avoid

  • In case you opt for some particular programs then some prior knowledge of the French language is required.
  • The knowledge of basic French language is even more important if you are living outside the main centre.


England is historically one of the most favourite for foreign students. English is spoken all around the globe due to which studying in England is considered far easier. Frankly, we can say that England is ideal for those students who have never studied in any foreign country.


  • As English is the primary language, you won’t find language issues. However, if you don’t proper English then might up for a challenge.
  • Finding your favourite brand from your home country is not an issue in England.

Reasons to avoid

  • If you are looking to experience new culture around the world then you might find England too “Easy”.
  • Apart from this, England is not the cheapest country to study in around the world.
  • In case the program cost is a concern then the student should look for programs outside of London.

United States

The number of top universities available in the US is mind-boggling. Currently, there are 750000 international students attending different universities in the United States. The cities of Boston and San-Francisco often ranked amongst the best country to study for International students on the planet.


  • Availability of large number of top universities
  • The diverse culture and vibrant atmosphere

Reasons to Avoid   

  • You will have to spend a good amount on your study because the US is one of the most expensive countries to study.


Just like the USA, Canada is also one of the favourites as far as the most preferred countries in the world to study are concerned. Some of the reasons why Canada is preferred are vibrant culture, stunning natural environment, and massive regional variations. It is highly possible that you will get the food of your local cuisine in Canada.  The most represented foreign countries in Canada are India, China, and France.


  • Rich, varied, and beautiful landscapes throughout the country
  • You will get everything in the country from snowy mountains to sandy beaches.
  • Safe country with fewer crime rates

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive education system. So, you have to spend some extra bucks.


World-Class education and classy German cultures are the two of the main reasons why Germany is loved by International students. A large number of students arrive in Germany every year to pursue different courses in business, hard sciences, and German (natürlich). Germany also has the headquarters of some of the biggest companies in the world. So, you will have plenty to learn both inside and outside of the class.


  • Awesome place to learn and grow
  • Learning efficiency is high

Reasons to avoid

  • Some prior knowledge of the German language is required because a few courses are offered in a combination of both German and English.


Apart from breath-taking scenery and natural habitat, Australia is also home to some of the top universities in the world. Thousands of students every year fly down south and reach the land down under Australia to study their dream courses. In their free time, students can also enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this country


  • World-class education from some of the best universities in the world.
  • Exposure to practical studies especially in the field of

Reasons to avoid

  • The country is located in the southern hemisphere. So, it has an opposite academic calendar to the countries in North America and Europe.
  • The summers here are very long. So, be ready to feel some heat.


Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong receive a lot of applications from international students for admission. China has emerged as one of the top economies around the world. Simultaneously, a large number of great universities have immerged in the country. Plus, the country is full of landscapes and vibrant culture


  • With the growing presence of Chinese companies around the globe, the knowledge of mandarin and Cantonese language can give you good job opportunities.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The culture and food are shockingly different from your home country.
  • Plus, you may face a lot of difficulties in travels and communicating if you don’t have any knowledge of Mandarin.


In addition to a very good football team, Argentina is also known for its great universities. One of the main reasons why Argentina is loved by International students it offers a quality education at affordable prices. In the free time, students can enjoy sipping world-famous argentine bold wine.


  • Good quality education at less fees
  • If you are an adventurist then you will find a lot of good options for hiking, sightseeing, etc.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The Spanish of Argentina has a strong Italian influence. So, you may find a bit of a language barrier.


In recent times, Spain has also come across as one of the education hubs in Europe. Many international students are reaching this country every year to learn subjects like Spanish, International Business, European studies, etc. Spain is also very famous for its fabulous beaches which you can enjoy in your free time.


  • Classroom and housing conditions are very good in most universities.
  • Friendly people and great ambiance through the country.

Reasons to avoid

  • The Spanish culture is a bit different from the cultures of a lot of countries. So, you should choose this country for your studies only if you are ready to go off the normal path.


Great universities, awesome environment, great landscapes Italy has all that an International student can ask for. Plus, the universities in Italy offers a wide range of course in a variety of fields including majors from business to fine arts. The country has a rich history with beautiful art and amazing food. We are sure that you will love Italy as an international student.


  • Most of the program requires little or no knowledge of the Italian language.
  • Cinematic landscapes, iconic historical sites in almost every city around the country.

Reasons to avoid

  • You may find it a bit difficult to integrate into the local culture without learning the local language.

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