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Top Medical Colleges in Jammu and Kashmir 2017-2018

 Jammu and Kashmir Higher Education department has control on all institutes, colleges and universities of the state. Presently, there are 7 Universities in the state along with various Government and Non-Government institutes and colleges. In this document we will be focusing only on Top medical colleges in the state. We have also listed out eligibility […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Tripura 2017-2018

 Lying in the North East India, Tripura is the third smallest states of the country that boasts off its natural settings and pristine environment. Education is the state is one of the prime concerns of the state and so several institutes; colleges and universities have been constructed in the state to provide quality education to […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Uttar Pradesh 2017-18

 Uttar Pradesh is one of the important states of India that has been striving hard to contribute to the education structure. It is one of the important states that have several institutes, colleges and universities. It has more than 30 universities along with 4 central universities and many other reputed colleges that offer different courses […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Arunachal Pradesh 2017-2018

 Arunachal Pradesh is one of the prominent North-Eastern states that encompasses several colleges and universities in the state for educational growth and development of students. The colleges and institutes provide various courses in engineering, arts, business studies and medical but in this document we highlight only on medical education imparted. Here, we have compiled complete […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Andhra Pradesh 2017-2018

 Infrastructure of any state is the spine of its growth and development. Amidst several important things falling in the infrastructure domain, education is what we will be taking in to consideration here. Andhra Pradesh is the largest state of India that encompasses several colleges and institutes that specialize in to medical education and have earned […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Bihar 2017-2018

 Bihar is a state that lies in the Eastern India and is a fastest growing state in context to population. In ancient times it was a prominent center of education, art and learning. Though the state is weak in the educational front but still there are few known colleges and universities that pool to growth […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Chhattisgarh 2017-2018

 Chhattisgarh is a state that is located in Central India and is pronounced as “Thirty Six Forts”.  The state was formed in the year 2000 but literacy rate of 71% depicts strong focus of the government on its education and infrastructure realm which indeed denotes its journey over the period of time. There are several […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Delhi 2017-2018

 Being the Capital city of India, Delhi is a hub of various activities of educational importance. There are numerous educational institutes that take care of growth and development of students both at elementary level and secondary level. Focusing on educational institutes for higher education then Delhi is the prime focus of students across the country […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Gujarat 2017-2018

 Known as the Jewel of Western Part of India, Gujarat is an Indian state that is widely known for its educational infrastructure and plethora of institutes and universities. Gujarat is one of the states that are home to some of the reputed colleges and universities in India. It has highly reputed IIT and IIM which […] Continue reading →

Top Medical Colleges in Haryana 2017-2018

 Haryana is a state that lies in North India. Though the education and infrastructure in the state is not equally distributed but state government of is giving due emphasis on providing equal opportunities to all. Few cities In Haryana are doing explicitly well when it comes to education and development of students. Gurgaon is one […] Continue reading →