5 Priceless Tips to Crack NEET

Are you preparing for the NEET? Well then, we are here with you to suggest few widely accepted tips by following which you can easily crack the exam. NEET is a national Level Conducting exam and it’s not as easy to prevail the exam why because the number of applicants for NEET are much higher than the total no of seats. Previous year winner of this exam said that Enchanted Learning and systematic schedule study are the success formula to win the NEET entrance exam.

NEET is an annually conducting entrance exam by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi for the admissions of MBBS and BDS to various institutions across the country. Application process for NEET 2017 is commencing from first week of December, 2016 and the exam is possible to be held in the month of May, 2017.

Now let’s stop this elucidation about the overview of NEET 2017 and then we can discuss about the five ways to crack AIPMT 2017.

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Knowledge about The Exam pattern

The questions of NEET is only comes from the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. There are 45 questions from each subject sections that carry 180 marks. As the questions of AIPMT are intermediate level based questions, we suggest in revising 11th and 12th standard Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany books that following CBSE syllabus. Similarly, you can read NEET entrance exam preparation books. Reading the experts recommended NEET books will also help you to avoid the question paper oddity inside the exam hall.

Check Complete Exam Pattern- Check Here

Practice on previous year question papers

By Preparing NEET 2017 with the previous year question papers will help the candidates to attend the exam without any hassles and improve their confidence in writing.  The candidates can follow the previous year question papers of NEET and the question papers of other medical entrance exams like JIPMER, RPET and AIIMS. You can download the all the previous medical Entrance question papers from internet at a free of cost. The systematic way of practicing with the previous year question papers is ‘First Note the time before start writing and finish the exam within the allotted time.’

Best Books to Crack NEET- Find Here

Syllabus- NEET 2017

What is the syllabus of the NEET exam that you are going to attend? And, which are the subject areas that NEET questions comes from? Here below we‘re describing about the syllabus of NEET.

Biology- Ecology and environment, Genetics, Life science Cell Biology, Morphology of plants and animals, Reproduction in plants and animals, Basics of Biotechnology, and anatomy

Physics– Fluid Mechanics. Electricity and Magnetism. Optics, Oscillations and Waves. Thermodynamics and Nuclear physics:

Chemistry– Organic Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Organic Chemistry, Acids and Bases

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Prepare Notes while learning

This is one of the best ways to improvise the memory skills. While preparing for NEET, scribe minor point by point notes on a dairy and then revise it later. Whatever the notes may be, Always try to write it clearly. It will help you to avoid confusions.

Revise Periodically

In an Interview with an education web portal, a last year topper of NEET saidI prepared quick notes while the time of NEET test and then at the end of the day once again I gone through all the scribed notes. Potentially, that method of learning helps me a lot in the examination hall. If you are approaching the NEET exam with a strong desire and reason, it’s our suggestion to revise the topic again and again in the scheduled time.



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  1. gousia basha says:

    Plz tell me can I prepare for neet 2017at home

    • Kanchan Singh says:

      Yes ,why not u will start ur self study at home.
      And than u will score a maximum marks in AIMPT……..
      All the best

  2. kindly tell how to prepare for neet to get a 600&above

  3. Khushboo sharma says:

    This is vry high marks and for this u have to leave everything social media.friends.tv .movies every5hing and just dedicate to study for one year.study any book all are same but lit of hardwork dedicatiin could not stop u to reach above 600 marks best of luck☺

  4. I m not able to manage my time. Please advice me how to do that

  5. sandeep reddy says:

    what may b the min marks for oc to get a mbbs seat

  6. how can i prepare for neet to crack without coaching

  7. Vaishnavi Singh says:

    How I can score maximum marks in neet 2017

  8. Nirupam Chatterjee says:

    I am preparing myself for NEET how can I crack it???? Please advice me.

  9. I am also pursuing Bsc biotechnology , so can I also apply for NEET 2017


    Nice tips given by you- FIVE- very useful-

  11. How much time i have to spend on books to crack the Neet ?

  12. Hi ,my son is studying in Allen carrier institute in Kota.he is from Karnataka ,he is scoring in test 437 marks in minor test.he is in achiever batch .can he get mbbs seat in Karnataka.a nd his category is 2bg

  13. Durmika Teronpi says:

    how can i manage my time for neet ? as my board exam is also knocking my door.

  14. Chirag merlecha says:

    Are pu marks taken into consideration for neet?????

  15. Please send me exam details

  16. Is ncert books are sufficient to crack neet 2017.pls inform me sufficient materials

  17. Yes it is sufficient to score 500 above mark.

  18. With this limited time period how can I crack meet exam.What are the best study materials.i have passed 12th exam on 2015.i have wrote2015 aipmt and 2016 meet phase1 and neet phase 2 as per the new rule can Only 3 times a person can appear for neet exam.so pls reply me that this year can I appear for the exam

  19. i just have 3 months to prepare for neet2017.. could u give some tips about preparation and the books i should learn please?

  20. I can understand the whole subject but i can’t remember any thing. Can anyone help me please

  21. i also fill the neet aplication form and my board exam are also coming so i have only one and half month to prepare the exam.so plz tell me that how can i prepare my exam material plz suggest me some very useful tips and also tell me the what type of book material is very useful to crack the neet exam

  22. Hi…I am sachin narwal. I am aiims 1st year mbbs student…all the best

  23. I want 550 Neet i have 2 Month only if it is possible

  24. My son can not understand the application of physics formula . so his score does not cross 60 in physics, what can be the reason? what should he do to understand application of formulae?

    When he prepares one subject throughly there is no time for another two subjects. How to balace this?

  25. Hiiiiiii how to score 300 above marks in biology for neet 2017 in 1 month????? Plz its very important for my career and future…..thanx a lot…….☺☺☺☺

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    My question is as like as kritika’s… plzzz reply…plzzz….

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