Last Minute Tips to Crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced

The fact can’t be ignored that two years of dedicated and systematic preparation can lead to a great success in the top-notch entrance exams like JEE Main or JEE Advanced. But even after healthy preparation a majority of students get anxious at the time of exam and as a result they can’t perform as expected. It is not simply about what level of study you did in the last two year, it is also about how you perform during exam. Numbers of student don’t realize the crucial significance of last time preparation which can really help them in getting considerable success in the exam. Let’s have a look at few standard last minute tips and tricks to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced:

  • Practice is Vital

It is rightly said by Patrick Rothfuss “Practice makes the master.” This line holds absolutely true to all those candidates who are appearing in JEE Main or JEE Advanced exam. So, practice more and more on topics, you’ve covered. When you keep on practicing the complex topics also look simpler to you. Make a list of topics, you’ve covered previously and start practicing through similar kind or problems.

  • Prepare a list of your strong areas

Focusing on your strong areas can help you to get good marks in the exam. It doesn’t mean you just left other topics apart from your strong topics. First prepare a list of your strong areas, cover them first and then move to the rest topics. It will give you an extra level of confidence which will be beneficial for you at the time of exam.

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  • Revise properly

A proper revision of subjects is extremely important if you want to crack JEE Main or JEE Advanced with very good marks. During last days of your exam, prepare a time table for revision of topics. Making a time table can help you revising entire syllabus in an appropriate manner. You can also practice on last year’s question paper. It will be better if you avoid group studies as group studies may lead to an extra level of anxiety. Analyze your capability and be confident.

  • Do not let The doubts create

Try to make all your doubts clear before the exam with the help of your mentors, professors or seniors. Ensure there should not be any confusion left behind you; it will not only make you confident but give you extra power to perform exceptionally in the test.

  • Focus on important theorems, formulae, and reactions

The best way of covering your exam syllabus is collect important formulae, theorems and reactions. It will be extremely helpful at last time preparation. By memorizing them, you can easily gather the information about other related topics in details.

  • Enhance your concentration level

Try not to concentrate on unnecessary things apart from the study. Boost your concentration level; it will be helpful in long hours study. You can take meditation and yoga in order to be fit physically as well as mentally.

  • Eat healthy and sleep well

Take proper diet and sleep; this is extremely important. Concentrating on any things appropriately is possible if and only if you are mentally as well as physically fit. Go to bed early and wake up early especially on the day of exam; it will make you feel relax and with increased confidence level.

  • Try to reach exam hall at least half hour before

Reach your exam destination early and get entrance to your exam hall at least half hour before. Calm yourself and get ready to crack the exam. A golden career opportunity is waiting for you guys; do as best you can do.

  • Be confident

On the day of exam, be confident on what you have studied. Don’t compare your study with others; just concentrate on your skill and let the fire begin in the exam hall. You can do it; recognized yourself and utilize your ability in cracking questions. All the best!

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