Tips to Score Good Marks in CTET Exam 2020- How to Crack CTET?

Dear CTET Aspirants,

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CTET notification is about to get released. Here comes the time when you need to be more attentive towards preparation. Remember that a thoughtful blend of ‘dedication’ ‘hard work’, and precise strategy’ can only lead to attaining an outstanding result. So, your first responsibility should be building a powerful strategy for exam preparation.

If you haven’t prepared the right strategy for preparation yet then this article is particularly written for you. The concepts mentioned here will help you in various ways starting from preparation to achieve a good result in CTET exam 2020.

Structure of CTET

Knowing exam pattern is must for building a good strategy for the exam. Therefore, I’m sharing below complete structure and contents of CTET exam 2020:

  • All questions asked in the exam will be multiple-choice questions.
  • There will two papers in CTET exam i.e. Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Candidates who want to become a teacher of classes I to V they need to appear in Paper 1, whereas paper 2 is must to attend for those who want to become a teacher of classes VI to VIII.

Structure of Paper 1

Sl. No Subjects No. of Questions Marks
1. Child Development and Pedagogy 30 30
2. Language I (compulsory) 30 30
3. Language II (compulsory) 30 30
4. Mathematics 30 30
5. Environmental Studies 30 30

Structure of Paper 2

Sl. No Subjects No. of Questions Marks
1. Child Development & Pedagogy(compulsory) 30 30
2. Language I (compulsory) 30 30
3. Language II (compulsory) 30 30
4. Mathematics and Science( for Mathematics and Science teacher) 30 30
5. Social Studies/Social Science(for Social Studies/Social Science teacher) 30 30

CTET syllabusCheck Here

Tips to Crack/Score Good Marks in CTET

Ideal and Genuine Preparation

All students should be genuine to themselves during the reparation of any entrance test. See, cracking CTET is not so easy but possible. You should look it positively and prepare in right way. Ideal preparation is recommended to score considerable marks in the test.


Boost Your Confidence Level

Remember always that “Nothing is Impossible”. You are at the stage when you have 3 to 4 months of time to prepare for the exam so avoid negative thinking and generate possible attitude inside you.


Summarize Each Subject

Prepare a 3 to 4 pages note for each subject where you can put all crucial points related to that particular subject. You can put important formulas or tips and other important things to solve question paper in least possible time. It will help you before one day of the exam when you want to have a quick look on complete subject.


Speed Up Problem Solving Skill

Yes, this really matters. During exam you have limited time and hence you must speed up your problem solving skill. For the same I suggest you to practice previous years question papers and sample papers. download the previous year question papers of CTET Exam.


Don’t Overload Yourself with Unnecessary Information

Study has no end. You must follow syllabus-based preparation as only this will help to crack CTET with good score. Don’t overload yourself with unnecessary information which is not at all important in exam point of view.


Tips to Follow During Exam

    • “Distribute your time among all questions. Do not waste much time on a single question”
    • “Attempt easy question first and let the complex ones to be solved at a later stage”
    • “Do not get so hurry while solving a question, give answer genuinely”
    • “Guessing answer is wrong in most of the cases so please ignore this rule“
    • “Stay calm and relax”
    • “Don’t lose your patience”
  • “If possible then revise your answers”

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