SSB Interview 2024: Day by Day procedure, Documents Required, Preparation Tips

The Service Selection Board (SSB) will select the potential candidate to become an officer in Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air force) through the SSB Interview 2024. The candidates need to clear the written exam conducted by UPSC in order to appear for this interview. The SSB Interview 2024 is an evaluation process consisting of both written and practical task-based tests.

It is a 5 to 6 days evaluation process that determines the intelligence and personality traits of a candidate. In this article, we will discuss complete details regarding the SSB Interview 2024 including day by day procedure, preparation tips etc.

Who can appear for SSB Interview 2024?

The candidate wants to become an officer in Indian Armed forces through SSB Interview needs to clear any of the following exams.

  • Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS)
  • Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT)
  • National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (NDA & NA Exam)

The applicant needs to be a graduate in order to appear for the CDS or AFCAT. Whereas, candidates can appear for the NDA & NA exam after passing class 12th

Stages of SSB Interview 2024

The SSB Interview Process consists of two stages i.e. Stage I and Stage II.

Stage 1

  • In this stage, Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test will be conducted followed by a Picture perception & Description Test (PPDT).
  • These rounds will take place on the first day itself and the candidates who will fail to clear this stage will not be allowed to participate in the further rounds of the interview.

Stage 2

  • The candidate who will clear the Stage 1 will be allowed to participate in this stage.
  • This stage will be concluded in 4 to 5 days.
  • Tests to be conducted in this stage are Psychology Tests, Group Testing Officer Tasks, conference etc.

Day by Day Process of SSB Interview 2024

The Detailed Day by day procedure for SSB Interview 2024 is given below:

Day 1 – NDA Screening Test 2024 (Stage I)

  • On the first day, all the candidates who will appear for the exam will be screened through the verbal and non-verbal intelligence test followed by the PPDT test.
  • Intelligence test will have 50 Questions each from verbal and non verbal reasoning.
  • In PPDT test, a picture will be shown to the candidates for 30 seconds, and then they have to write a story about that picture. Then each candidate has to narrate his story under one minute.

Day 2 – NDA Psychology Test 2024 (Stage II)

On the second day, the psychological Tests will start. The psychological tests to be conducted in SSB Interview 2024 process are as follows:

  • Word Association Test: In this test, the authorities will show you 15 general words from day to day life. Each word will be shown for 15 seconds. You have to write, the first thought came to your mind in response to that word.
  • Thematic Appreciation Test: This test is a bit similar to PPDT. Here, the authorities will show you 12 clear images for thirty seconds each. You have to write a story regarding every image. 4 minutes will be allotted to write a story regarding each image.  The last image will be blank slide and the candidate will be asked to narrate a story by themselves.
  • Self Description Test: In this test, you have to answer 5 questions regarding your friends, parents, teacher and your perception about yourself.
  • Situation Reaction Test: In situation reaction test, you will be given a question booklet having 60 situations. You have to give your response to all 60 situations in 30 minutes.

Day 3 and 4 – NDA Group Test 2024 by GTO (Stage II)

On 3rd and 4th the Group Testing Officer tasks will be conducted. The GTO tasks will consist of following activities.

  • Group Discussion: In this round, the candidates have to discuss a certain topic, generally from the current affair. The Group Testing Officer will closely monitor each candidate.
  • Group Planning Exercise: In this round, you have to provide a solution to a model real life problem. First you have to provide your own solution then you have to discuss the problem with your group members and provide a mutual solution.
  • Progressive Group Task: In this task, you have to cross four obstacles along with your group members by using helping materials like rope and wood log etc. The difficulty of obstacle will keep on increasing that’s why it is called progressive.
  • Snake Race: This is a race where your group has to contend with other groups.
  • Lecturette: As the name suggests, in this task, each candidate have to give a lecture on a particular topic for 3 Minutes
  • Half Group Task: Just like Progressive Group task, in this task, you have to clear some obstacles along with your group member. But the difference is that in this task your group will be divided into two half.
  • Individual Obstacles: In this round you have to clear 10 obstacles individually within 3 Minutes.
  • Command Task: As the name itself suggest, in this task, a candidate will be made commander and he will have to clear obstacle using his two subordinates.
  • Final Group: This will be the last GTO task where you have to clear some obstacles along with your group members.

Note: Personal Interview will also be conducted along with GTO tasks on the same day.

Day 5 – Final assessment and conference (Result)

On the 5th day, a panel of officers seat to have conversation with each candidate. The panel will be looking to access the confidence and attitude of the candidate towards general adversity in life.

After having a conversation with each and every candidate, the panel will announce the result within an hour.

The candidates selected after the conference of SSB Interview 2024 will require attending the medical examination to be conducted in further 3 to 4 days.

Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT)

During SSB Interview 2024, the pilot aptitude Battery Test (PABT) will also be conducted for the candidates hoping to join Indian Air Force. Please note the PABT is a once in a lifetime exam. If candidate gets rejected, he will not be able to appear for this exam in his lifespan.

The PABT will be including the following tests:

  • Written Assessment or Instrument Reading
  • Drum Test(DT) or Control of Velocity Test(CVT)
  • The Light Control Test (LCT) or Sensory Motor Apparatus

Documents required for SSB Interview 2024

A candidate needs to carry the following documents while appearing for the SSB Interview 2024.

  • SSB Call Letter.
  • Mark sheet and certificate of 10th and 12th.
  • Mark sheet and certificate of Graduation (if applicable)
  • Identity Proof
  • NOC Certificate (For candidates currently working in PSU or govt. organization)
  • Original copy of tickets (if eligible for travel allowance)
  • Risk certificate duly signed by parent/guardian (for minor candidates)
  • A minimum of 20 passport size photograph.

Preparation Tips for SSB Interview 2024

The competition level in SSB Interview 2024 is expected to be immense. The candidates need to prepare really well in order to get selected. Here are some general tips that candidate may follow in order to perform well in the interview

  1. The most important thing is that you should be confident and ready to take on any challenge. Yoga and meditation can help you built self confidence.
  2. Keep yourself supremely fit and healthy as you have to go through some physical tasks during the SSB Interview 2024 process.
  3. Improve your communication skill, so that you can perform well during the group discussion and personal interview rounds.
  4. Analyze and write at least 1 article daily about the topics from your day to day life.
  5. Stay up to date with all the latest current affairs through newspapers and magazines.
  6. You should have a good overall personality to clear the interview. You may join some personality development classes if required.

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