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JKPSC Syllabus 2023: Candidates who wish to appear for the JKPSC Combined Competitive Examination are suggested to familiarize themselves with the exam syllabus first. Syllabus of exam consists of all the important topics from which the questions will be asked in the paper. The exam will be held in two rounds- preliminary and main. All the papers of preliminary exam will be compulsory whereas in main exam there will be compulsory as well as optional papers. Interested candidates can find the details of the JKPSC syllabus 2023 for preliminary and main exam from this article.

JKPSC Syllabus 2023

Find below the syllabus for the Combined Competitive Examination conducted by JKPSC. The preliminary papers are compulsory for everyone. However, for the main exam, the candidates will have to appear for compulsory as well as optional papers. Optional paper will depend on the qualifying degree of the candidate. Applicants are advised to carefully check the syllabus related to their qualifying degree subject.

Preliminary exam syllabus

Paper I

Current Events Of National & International Importance, History of India and Indian National Movement, Indian & World Geography, Indian Polity & Governance, Economic & Social Development, General Issues On Environmental Ecology, Bio-Diversity & Climate Change and General Science

Paper II

Comprehension, Interpersonal Skills Including Communication Skills, Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability, Decision Making & Problem Solving, General Mental Ability and Basic Numeracy, Data interpretation (Class X level)

Mains Exam Syllabus

Qualifying Paper on English:

Comprehension of Given Passages, Précis Writing, Usage & Vocabulary and Short Essays

Paper I

Essay: Candidates may be required to write essays on multiple topics

Paper II

General Studies I: Indian Heritage & Culture, History & Geography of the World and Society

Paper III

General Studies II: Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations

Paper IV

General Studies III: Technology, Economic Development, Bio Diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management

Paper V

General Studies IV: Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude

Paper VI & Paper VII

Optional Subject- Candidates should choose the optional subject based on their qualification from the subjects given below.


  • Paper I: Ecology & its Relevance to Man, Cropping Pattern, Weeds & Characteristics, Water Use Efficiency, Agricultural Extension, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, etc
  • Paper II: Cell structure, Principles of Plant Physiology, Seed production, Enzymes & plant pigments, Diagnosis of pests and diseases, etc

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science

  • Paper I: Livestock Production and Management, Genetics & Animal Breeding, Animal Reproduction, Animal Nutrition and Animal Physiology
  • Paper II: Veterinary Public Health, Milk & Milk Products Technology, Meat Hygiene & Technology, Meat Technology, Rabbit/Fur Animal Farming, Animal Diseases, etc


  • Paper I: Nature of Culture & Society, Economic Organization, Religion, Anthropological Theories, Culture, Language & Communication, etc
  • Paper II: Evolution of the Indian Culture & Civilization, Tribal Situation in India, Indian Village, Caste System in India, Anthropology Role in Tribal & Rural Development, etc


  • Paper I: Microbiology & Plant Pathology, Phanerogams, Cryptogams, Plant Resource Development and Morphogenesis
  • Paper II: Ecology & Plant Geography, Genetics, Molecular Biology & Evolution, Plant Breeding, Biotechnology & Biostatistics, Physiology & Biochemistry and Cell Biology


  • Paper I: Coordination Chemistry, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Solid State, Liquid State, Gaseous State and Transport Phenomenon, Thermodynamics, etc
  • Paper II: Delocalised Covalent Bonding, Pericyclic reactions, Synthetic Uses of Reagents, Spectroscopy, Photochemistry, etc

Civil Engineering

  • Paper I: Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials & Structural Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow & Hydraulic Machines, etc
  • Paper II: Irrigation & Environmental Engineering, Hydrology, Water Resources & Engineering, Surveying & Transportation Engineering, Construction Technology, Equipment, Planning and Management

Commerce And Accountancy

  • Paper I: Financial Management, Financial Institutions and Markets, Accounting, Taxation & Auditing
  • Paper II: Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, Organization Theory and Behaviors, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations


  • Paper I: Advanced Micro & Macro Economics, Money-Banking & Finance, Growth & Development and International Economics
  • Paper II: Indian Economics in Post-Independence Era and Indian Economy After Independence

Electrical Engineering

  • Paper I: EM Theory, Energy Conversion, Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Signals & Systems, Analog Communication, Circuits etc
  • Paper II: Control Systems, Power Systems, Microprocessors & Microcomputers, Digital Communication, Measurement and Instrumentation, etc


  • Paper I: Physical Geography and Human Geography
  • Paper II: Resources, Agriculture, Contemporary Issues, Political Aspects, Settlements, Transport, Communication and Trade


  • Paper I: Paleontology, Hydrogeology & Engineering Geology, Geomorphology & Remote Sensing, Indian Stratigraphy, etc
  • Paper II: Sedimentary Petrology, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Mineralogy, Mining Geology, Geochemistry and Environmental Geology, etc


  • Paper I: Pre-history and Proto-history, Aryans and Vedic Period, Mauryan Empire, Themes in Early Indian Cultural History, etc
  • Paper II: Social & Cultural Developments, World Wars, Enlightenment & Modern Ideas, Industrialization, British Expansion in India, etc


  • Paper I: Constitutional & Administrative Law and International Law
  • Paper II: Contemporary Legal Developments, Law of Contracts and Mercantile Law, Law of Crimes and Law of Torts


  • Paper I: Accounting for Managers, Financial Management, Managerial Function & Process, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and Design etc
  • Paper II: Strategic Cost Management, Management Information System, Production and Operations Management, Quantitative Techniques in Decision Making, etc


  • Paper I: Vector Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Dynamics and Statics, Linear Algebra, Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  • Paper II: Algebra, Complex Analysis, Linear Programming, Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming, Real Analysis Partial Differential Equations and Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics

Mechanical Engineering

  • Paper I: Mechanics, Theory of Machines, Manufacturing Science and Engineering Materials
  • Paper II: Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Gas Dynamics Turbine, Steam Engineering, Engines and Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

Medical Science

  • Paper I: Biochemistry, Human Physiology & Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
  • Paper II: Community Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dermatology, General Surgery, Pediatrics and General Medicine


  • Paper I: History and Problems of Philosophy, Logical Atomism, Schools of Buddhism, Schools of Vedanta, Existentialism, Responsibility & Authentic Existence, etc
  • Paper II: Socio-Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion, Proofs for the Existence of God, Religion and Morality, Problem of Evil, etc


  • Paper I: Electricity and Magnetism, Waves and Optics, Thermal and Statistical Physics, Mechanics of Particles, Mechanics of Continuous Media, etc
  • Paper II: Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics and Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics

Political Science And International Relations

  • Paper I: Political Theory & Indian Politics, Indian Government & Politics, Equality, Rights, Democracy, Feminism, Concept of power, etc
  • Paper II: Comparative Politics & International Relations, Politics of Representation & Participation, Evolution of International Economic System, etc


  • Paper I: Thinking and Problem Solving, Intelligence and Aptitude, Language and Communication, Research Methods, Learning, Memory, Personality, etc
  • Paper II: Community Psychology, Application of Psychology, Work Psychology & Organizational Behavior, Therapeutic Approaches, Mental Disorders, Psychology & Economic development, etc

Public Administration

  • Paper I: Administrative Thought & Behavior, Comparative Public Administration, Public Policy, Development Dynamics, Personnel Administration, Financial Administration, etc
  • Paper II: Rural Development, Law and Order Administration, Public Sector Undertaking, Plans and Priorities, State Government and Administration, Plans and Priorities, etc


  • Paper I: Research Methods and Analysis, Sociological Thinkers, Works and Economic Life, Systems of Kinship, Religion and Society, Social Change in Modern Society, etc
  • Paper II: Introducing Indian Society, Social Structure, Social Changes in India, Rural and Agrarian Social Structure, Industrialization and Urbanization in India, etc


  • Paper I: Sampling Theory and Design of Experiments, Linear Inference and Multivariate Analysis, Statistical Inference and Probability
  • Paper II: Industrial Statistics, Optimization Techniques, Quantitative Economics and Official Statistics and Demography & Psychometry


  • Paper I: Ecology, Non-Chordata and Chordata, Biostatistics, Economic Zoology, Ethology and Instrumentation Methods
  • Paper II: Physiology, Evolution, Systematics, Biochemistry, Developmental Biology, Cell Biology and Genetics



  • Paper I: Origin and Development, Literary History & Literary Criticism, Short Essay, Classical Background, Socio-Cultural Influences & Modern Trends, etc
  • Paper II: Imraul Qais, Hassan Bin Thabit, Umar Bin Abi Rabiah, Ibnul Muqalf, Mohmud Timur, etc


  • Paper I: Dogri Language, Linguistic Boundaries of Dogri, Sentence Structure, Development of Modern Dogri Poetry, Short Story, Novel, etc
  • Paper II: Azadi Paihle Di Dogri Kavita, Modern Dogri Poetry, Ajakani Dogri Kahani, Dogri Lalit Nibandh, etc


  • Paper I: Elizabethan & Jacobean Drama, Metaphysical Poetry, The Epic and The Mock-epic, Neoclassicism, Satire, etc
  • Paper II: Modernism, Poets of the Thirties, The stream of consciousness Novel, Absurd Drama, Indian Writing in English, etc


  • Paper I: History of Hindi Language, Nagari Lipi & Hindi Literature, Drama & Theatre, Criticism, Katha Sahitya, Hindi Prose, etc
  • Paper II: Kabir, Surdas, Tulsidas, Bihari, Bharatendu, Premchand, Rajendra Yadav, Dinkar, Mannu Bhandari, Dr. Satyendra, etc


  • Paper I: Genealogical Relationship of the Kashmiri Language, Phonology & Grammar, Kashmiri Literature, etc
  • Paper II: Kashmiri poetry, Literary Criticism & Research Work, Short Story, Novel, Drama, Kashmiri Folk Literature, etc


  • Paper I: Origin & Development, Literary History And Literary Criticism, Short Essay in Persian, Origin & Development Of Modern Literary Genres, etc
  • Paper II: Firdausi Shah Nama, Amir Khusrau, Minucheheri, Maulana Rum Masunaw, Jawal Zadesh, Nizammi Aruzi Samarquadi, etc


  • Paper I: Origin of Punjabi Language, Punjabi Morphology, Folk Literature, Short Story, Classical Background, Language & Dialect, Notions Of Dialect & Idiolect etc
  • Paper II: Guru Nanak, Dhani Ram Chatrik, Balraj Sahni, Sant Singh Sekhon, Gurbaksh Singh, Balraj Sahni, Balwant Gargi, etc


  • Paper I: Vedic Sanskrit Language, Classical Sanskrit Language, Essential of Indian Culture with Stress on Arts & Fine Arts, Technical Sciences, etc
  • Paper II: Raghuvamsam- Kalidasa, Bhagavadgitã, Svapanavasavadattam- Bhasa, Nitisatakam- Bhartrhari, Raghuvamsam- Canto I, Verses 1 to 10, Meghadutam- Verses 1 to 10


  • Paper I: Development of Urdu Language, Poetry & Prose, Significant Features Of Deccani, Delhi & Lucknow Schools, etc
  • Paper II: Mir Amman, Ghalib, Rajendra Singh Bedi, Prem Chand, Akhtruliman, Mir Hasan, Mohd. Husain Azad, etc

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