IGNOU Exam Date Sheet 2022, July and December 2022 Term End Examination (TEE)

IGNOU Exam Date Sheet 2022 will be released separately for July 2022 and December 2022 sessions. Due to the outbreak of Covid -19 pandemic, the IGNOU Exam Schedule is running a bit late. The exams which are supposed to take place in the month of December 2021 held in the month of March/ April 2022.

So, we are expecting that the IGNOU Term End Examination 2022 scheduled to take place in the month of June 2022 and December 2022 will also be delayed. However, as a student, you should keep studying and prepare your assignments in time. If you are an IGNOU student then this post is just for you. Here, we will provide you with the latest information available related to the IGNOU Exam Time Table 2022.

IGNOU Date Sheet 2022 Overview/ Highlights

Name of the examination IGNOU Term End Examination June/ December 2022
Date of Beginning of the examination To be announced
Mode of releasing of the date sheet (Time Table) Online
Mode of Examination Offline (Pen and Paper Based Test)
Last date for the submission of assignment 31st April 2022 for July 2022 TEE

To be announced later for December 2022 TEE

Authority conducting the examination Indira Gandhi National Open University
Official website www.ignou.ac.in.

How to download IGNOU Term End Examination Date Sheet 2022?

The step by step process to download the date sheet of IGNOU TEE 2022 is explained in the following points.

  • Please note that the date sheet will release on the official website of IGNOU i.e. www.ignou.ac.in. So, you need to visit the official website
  •  After opening the official website, you need to open the “Student Support” drop-down menu that will display on the top.
  • Choose “Downloads” from the drop-down menu that will open in the next step.
  •  In the next step, you must choose the “Datesheet” option that will display on the bar available on the left side of your screen.
  • Now, click on the “Datesheet for December/ July 2022 Term End Examination” button.
  • Finally, the date sheet will get downloaded in the form of a PDF file.

You may take a printout of the PDF file and keep it safe for future references.

IGNOU Exam Date Sheet 2022 July Term End Examination (Tentative)

Based on the last session examination, you may checkout the tentative date sheet for IGNOU July 2022.

Date Morning (10 AM to 1 PM) (2 PM to 5 PM)
1st week of July 2022 MED002/ MPYE015/ MS23/ MS43/ MS53/ MS63/ MS494/

rd MFP05/ MES046/ MEDSE015/ MHA013/ RST004/ BNS041/

ACC01/ BWEF002/ BPVI028/ BPVI038/

MCS043/ TS01/ MVP004/ MCS214/

BLIE228/ ECO03/ PHE14/

BBCS183/ BMTC132/ BMTC134/

2nd week of July 2022 MPSE013 / MSWE003/ MPYE014/ MS22/ MS42/ MS52/

MS62/ MS425/ MES045/ MHA010/ BNS106/ BPY007/ BWEE012/ BESE046/ CHE05/ CNCC01/ BAPI007/ BSKC131/ BSKC133/ BNS042/

MEG16/ MTM15/MTTM015/ MMTE007/ MEDS044/ MCS042/ MCS213/ APM01/ BBHF/ BHDF101/ BPVI006/ BPVI015/ BLIE226/ BMAF001/ BSKF001/ FAS01/ FBG01/ FEG02/ FGT01/ FKD01/ FML01/ FMT01/ FOR01/ FPB01/ FTG01/ FTM01/ FUD01/ BSM008/ BPAG171/ BPCG171/ BSOG171/ BPAG173/ BSOG173/ BEGG171/
2nd week of July 2022 MS26/ MS46/ MS56/ MS66/ MGPE08/ MHA019/ RST001/ ATR01/ JMC02/ MSK006/ BWA001/ MCSE003/ MSW010/ MCS220/ CHE10/ BSW122/ BPC002/ BSM010/BGYCT133/ BCOC138/ BCOC134/ BEGC132/ BEGC134/ BTMC131/ BTMC135/ BANC107/ BECC107/


2nd week of July 2022 MPYE016/ MS24/ MS44/ MS54/ MS64/ MED008/ MES047/ MHA014/ BNS107/ BPYE002/ MTE12/ BGYCT131/ BGYCT135/ BTMC133/ BTMC137/ MCS051/ TS02/ MCS215/ BLIE229/ LSE05/ BPVI007/ BPVI016/BSMA003/ EPS11/BSW124/ BECC103/ BECC108/ BHIC103/ BPSC103/ BPCC103/ BPAC103/ BSOC103/ BSOC108/ BANC103/ BANC108/ BEGC103/ BHDC103/ BHDC132/BEGC108/ BHDC108/ / BHIC108/ BPCC108/ BPSC109/ BHDC134/
2nd week of July 2022 MGP004/ MS29/ MS422/ MS58/ MS611/ MFP01/ MES048/ MTE06/ MPYE007/MER001/ MSK004/ MCS052/ TS03/ MCS218/ BSW123/ ECO14/ LSE09/ LSE12/ MMPC004/ BBYCT131/ BSOC131/ BSOC133/ BECC104/ BECC109/ BHIC104/ BPSC104/ BPCC104/ BANC104/ BANC109/ BEGC104/ BEGC109/ BHDC104/ BPAC104/ BBYCT135/ BHDC109/ BHIC109/ BPAC109/ BPCC109/ BPSC110/
3rd week of July 2022 MPSE012/MEDSE046/ MSWE007/ MPYE013/ MS21/ MS41/ MS51/ MS61/ MS424/ MFP03/ MEDS011/ MHA009/ MES034/ RST002/

BWEE008/ DNHE03/ MME005/ BNRI107/ BPVI037/ CTE04/ CTE05/ BESE066/ CTE104/ CTE105/ BPVI027/ BPHE106/ PHE06/ BPSC131 / BUDC133/ SSB003/

MEG15/ MTM14/ MTTM14/ MGSE020/ MMTE006/ MCS041/ MCS212/ MMPC003/

Group-2(EHD02/BHDE108/BEGE102/ /EHI02 / BECE002/ BPAE102/ ERD01/ BRDE101/ MTE02/ BPY003/ BULE002/ BPC004/ BPSE212/)

BSWE003/BHY001/ MVP003/ MEVE13/ BSW125/ BCOC133/ / BCOC137/ BPAC133/ BBCCT107/

3rd week of July 2022 MS25/ MS45/ MS55/ MS65/ MGPE007/ MHA018/ RST003/ RST006/ BNS108/ JMC01/ MTE10/ BPCE011/ BPCE013/ BPCE018/ BPCE019/ BPCE021/



MCS053/ MCS219/ BPVI008/ BPVI017/ BPY008/ PHE10/ TS04/ ECO02/ BSM009/ BPAG172 / BSKC132/ / BZYCT133/ BZYCT137/ BEGLA138/ BHDLA138/



3rd week of March 2022 MCO03/ MHD09/ MHD13/ MHD17/ MHD21/ MPSE04/ MSOE04/ MEC008/ MEC108 / MLIE102/ MGPE014/ MFN008/ MSW032 / MES102/ MAE002/ MPY002/ MTT017/ MJM027/ MS08/ MSEI025/ MIP108/ MEVE003/ BCS052/ MES112/ MES132/ MES042/ MEDS006/ RTT104/ REG101/  BJM002/ BLE002/ BLE012/ BLE032/ BLE036/ BAL002/ BAQ002/ BEDS002/ BEE002/ BES008/ BFE102/ BFLI002/ BHC012/ BHM102/ BHT002/ BHT012/ BHT017/ BJLI002/ BNS012/ BNS101/BNS201/ BPOI007/ BPR002/ CPI102/ DCE02/ DTG002/ MACP001/ MACP002/ MAM002/ MCMM002/ MCMM102/ CIT003/ MIR022/ MNR002/ MTT002/ OEE002/ OEY002/ OLPI001/ BAPI003/ MTT005/ CDM02/ OAPI011/ OVA001/ BRL011/ ES345/ NES102/ BLPI003/ MVEI013/ BCOA001/ MEG08/ MPCE012 / MPCE022/ MPCE032/ MPA018/ MANE003/ MRDE002/ MCFTE001/ MCFTE002/ MCFTE003/ MSW015/ MDE417/ MTM08/ MTTM08/ MEVE15/ MDV108/ MGSE003/ MMT008/ MCS23/

Group-4 /( EHD06/BHDE106/BEGE105/EPS07/EHI04/ EEC14/ BECE214/ EPA04/BPAE104/ MTE09/ BPY006/ BSWE06/ BULE004/)/

BGL002/ BHY002/ BLI221/ BPEL011/ DHHM02/ MEV022/ BKL002/ BSW041/ OUL003/ ONR003/ BHT007/ ORUL002/ BSM004/ BES143/ BSOC110/ BEGLA136/ BHDLA136/


3rd week of March 2022 MCO04/ MPSE05/ MEC009/ MEC109/ MLIE103/ MGP005/ MFN009/ MSW007/ MES103/ MES113/ MES043/ MES133/ MAE003/ MTT018/ MJM028/ MS09/ MSEI026/ MEVE004/ MHD10/ MHD14/ MHD18/ MHD22/ MEDS008/ BCS053/ MHA004/ MWR003/ RBC006/

CTE02/CTE102/ BNRI105/ BPVI035/ BPC005/ BRL012/ MVEI014/ PHE07/ ES334/ BPVI045/ BPVI024/ BAPI006/ ECO09/


MEG09/ MHI08/ MPCE013/ MPCE023/ MPCE033/ MANE004/ MRDE003/ MPA006/ MPA016/ MSW016/ MDE419/ MTM09/ MTTM09/ MEVE16/ MDV110/ MGSE004/ MMT009/ MCS24/ MMPC001/

ACS01/ BES144/

RPCE106/ RSOE005/

BPCS184/BPCS186/BSOS184/ BANS184/ BCOS184/ BECS184/ BHDS184/BPAS184/ BPYC132


4th week of March 2022 MCO07/ MPSE008/ MECE004/ MLIE106/ MGPE016/

MSW017/ MPYE010/ MTT021/ MJM031/ MS91/ BCS062/


CHE09/ BES010/ ECO06/ECO13/ EPS12/ CFN02/


MEG12/ MEVE19/ MEDS041/ MGSE009/ MMTE003/ MCS033/ MMPC002/ AWRE01/ BEGA102/ BRPA101/ BEDS005/ MVPI001/ BES128/ BSOC134/ BSOC132/


4th week of March 2022 MPSE009/ MGPE006/ MWG008/ MWG011/ MSWE001/ MPYE011/ MS95/ MEDS009/ MHA006/ MES032/ RBC010/ AOM01 /PCO/BNRI106/ BPVI036/ MAM004/ MNRE016/ BRL007/ ES361/ ES362/ES363/ ES364/ /BPV046/ BPVI026/ MVE006/ BES012/ BPY004/ CFN03/ SSB002/ MEG13/ MTM12/ MTTM12/ MEDS042/ MGSE010/ MMTE004/ MCS034/ RPCE108/ ANC01/ MEVE11/ BES129/ BPAC101/ BBCCT105/ BPHCT133/ BPHCT137/ BPCC134/ BPCC132/


4th week of March 2022 MPSE11/ MSWE002/ MPYE012/ MS92/ MS93/ MS94/ MS96/ MS97/ MEDS010/ MHA008/ MES033/ RPE001/ AMK01/ BES020/ BHME106/ BNS105/ BNS205/ BWEE007/ DNHE02/ LMT01/ MME004/ NES104/ BESE065/ BRL015/ BGL001/ BLE014/BFLI004/ OAPI013/ BPCC131/BPCC133/


MEG14/ MTM13/ MTTM13/ MGSE013/ MMTE005/ MEDS043/ MCS035/ MRD101/ MCS211/ AOR01/ BEGF101/ BLI225/ BPVI005/ BPVI014/ FEG01/ FHD02/ BSM007/ MVP002/ MEVE12/ BESE131/ BESE132/ BESE135/ BHIC102/ BPSC102/ BPCC102/ BPAC102/ BSOC102/ BSOC106/ BANC102/ BANC106/ BEGC102/ BHDC102/ BECC102/ BECC106 / BEGC106/ BHDC106/ BHIC106/BPAC106/ BPCC106/ BPSC107/ BCOLA138/ BCHCT133/ BCHCT137/

Note: Please note that the above date sheet is just for your reference. The complete updated will be available on this page after the official notification.

Who can appear for the IGNOU Term End Examination 2022?

Only those candidates who meet the following norms can appear for the Term End Examinations of IGNOU 2022.

  • Candidates must have completed the registration of the course.
  • Students should have submitted the required number of assignments in the courses before the due date.
  • Students must have completed minimum time to pursue these courses as per the provision of their programme.
  • All candidates must have paid the examination fee for all the courses for which they are appearing in the examination.

Other Important IGNOU Examination Instruction

  • Every day, the examination will be conducted in two sessions, i.e. Morning session, and evening session. You need to appear for the examination in the session mentioned on your admit card.
  • No candidate will be allowed to take the examination without a valid IGNOU Admit Card 2022.
  • Answer to the question paper will only be accepted in the language in which the programme is offered. For example, if you have opted for MA History course in English then you need to write the answers in the English language. If you write answers in any other language then the answer sheet will not be evaluated and you will fail the exam.
  • The questions in the following programmes/ courses will be objective type (Multiple Choice Questions)
    • BDP/ BTS/ BCA/ BSW – BSHF101, FST01
    • CCH – BNS041, BNS042
    • CLIS – BLI011, BLII012, BLII013, BLII014
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