GK Questions and Answers on GST: GST MCQ 2023

We have prepared a set of over 50 most important GK questions on GST. These questions are marks-scoring in many national and state level government jobs’ written test including Civil Services exam, SSC, Banking, CDS etc.
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GK Questions and Answers on GST

Check below important GK questions and answers on GST:

Question: The concept of Goods and Services Tax (GST) is originated in………..

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Ans: Canada

Question: What kind of tax system is found in India?

Ans: Degressive

Question: Which tax rate is not applicable under the GST?

Ans: 25

Question: How Many types of GST in India?

Ans: Four Types

Question: What kind of Tax is GST?

Ans: Indirect Tax

Question: How much percent Insurance taxed under GST?

Ans: 18%

Question: Which constitutional amendment is done to pass the GST bill?

Ans: 101st

Question: Combined Stake of Central and State Government in GSTN is?

Ans: 49%

Question: Which is the main motive of the government behind the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax?

Ans: To increase government revenue

Question: Which is the first state that passed GST Bill in India?

Ans: Telangana

Question: Which state became the first state of India to ratify GST Bill?

Ans: Assam

Question: The highest rate of tax prescribed under IGST is?

Ans: No such limit

Question: A special purpose vehicle_____has been launched to cater the needs of GST?


Question: What does N Stants for in HSN?

Ans: Nomenclature

Question: Who is the chairman of GST council?

Ans: Finance Minister

Question: Creation of the GST Council as per Article_____of the amended Constitution?

Ans: 279A

Question: In which year GST was first proposed in India?

Ans: 2000

Question: Which type of Government charged the tax IGST?

Ans: Central Government

Question: Indian GST model has how many bands of tax rates?

Ans: Four Rates Structure

Question: In India GST came effective from July 1st, 2017. From which country India has borrowed Dual GST Model?

Ans: Canadian

Question: What is Integrated Goods and Services Tax?

Ans: Tax imposed on interstate trade

Question: Which of the following tax will be abolished by the GST?

Ans: Service Tax

Question: GST will be levied on___?

Ans: Manufactures, Retailers and Consumers

Question: Which tax will be abolished by the GST?

Ans: Service Tax

Question: Which of the following is a form of indirect tax?

Ans: Sales tax

Question: GST will be levied on………………..?

Ans: Manufacturers, Retailers, Consumers

Question: Who is the Chairman of GST Committee of State Finance Ministers?

Ans: Amit Mitra

Question: Who is the head of the GST council?

Ans: Nirmala Sitharaman

Question: Which Day announced by The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) considered as GST Day?

Ans: 1st June

Question: Which goods will not be covered under the GST bill?

Ans: Cooking gas, Liquor, Petrol

Question: GST rate on Smart Phones is?

Ans: 12%

Question: The headquaters of GST Council is located at?

Ans: New Delhi

Question: The country with highest GST Rate in the world is?

Ans: India

Question: GST was introduced as the ____amendment  Act?

Ans: 101

Question: Coal comes under which GST rate Structure?

Ans: 5%

Question: GSTN comes under which Act?

Ans: Companies Act, 2013

Question: GST threshold limit barring North East and hilly states is____lakh?

Ans: 10 Lakhs

Question: GST comes under which amendment bill?

Ans: 122

Question: GST is a ____based  tax on consumption of goods and services?

Ans: Dividend

Question: Presently how many countries have implemented GST?

Ans: 180

Question: In IGST, I stands for?

Ans: Integrated

Question: The country with second highest tax i.e. 27% is:?

Ans: Argentina

Question: Which country is the first one to implement GST to reduce tax-evasion?

Ans: France

Question: What kind of Tax is GST?

Ans: Indirect Tax

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