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Check here complete and updated COMEDK syllabus details with ease. If you are planning to appear in COMEDK entrance examination and seeking for the important syllabus for COMEDK  then you are welcome to go through this article. Here we are providing the COMEDK syllabus details; please have a look:


Chemistry of representative elements, surface chemistry, nuclear chemistry, Alkanes, alkenes and alkynes, electrochemistry, Amines and Diazonium Salts (Comp. containing Nitrogen), chemical kinetics, chemistry in action, solid states, chemistry of biological processes, solutions, biomolecules, polymers, chemistry of carbon compounds, Chemical Kinetics, coordination chemistry and organ metallic, Polymers, transition metals including lanthanides etc

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Heat and thermodynamics, x-rays, electrostatics, current electricity, oscillations, EM waves, thermal and chemical effects of currents, electromagnetic induction and alternating currents, Radioactivity, physical world & measurement, Ray optics, description of motion in one dimension, Physics of nucleus, Modern Physics, description of motion in two and three dimensions, alternating current etc.


Vectors and 3-dimensional geometry coordinate geometry, circles, matrices and determinants, exponential and logarithmic series, correlation and regression, Probability, differential equations, definite integral, differential calculus, integral calculus etc.


Reproduction in Higher Plants, Diversity in Living World, Growth, Repair and Regeneration, Structural Organization in Plants and Animals, Biology and Human Welfare, Genetics-Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Ecology and Environment, Food production-Plant Breeding, Reproduction in Organism, Genetics & Evolution, Human Health Diseases, Environmental Issues, Ecology, Application of Biotechnology, Biodiversity, origin of life, Bio Medical technologies etc

English Proficiency:

Synonyms and Antonyms, Rearrangement of Jumbled Words, One Word Substitution, Tenses, Sentence Completion, Rules of Conjunctions, Comprehension, Modals, Prepositions, Voice, Sequence of words, voice etc.

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