CBSE Board Exam Started, Check Out 2019 Toppers’ Answer Sheet Here

CBSE board exams for both class 10 and class 12 have already started from 15th February 2020. To provide the appearing students an idea of how to write the answers in the exam, the board has uploaded the CBSE Answer Sheet of 2019 for different subjects. These answer sheets belong to the subject topper.

Since the students are appearing in their board exams for the first time, they have no prior knowledge of how to write the answers. These sheets will help the candidates in getting an idea of the same. A look at the previous years’ sample papers is also pretty beneficial for the candidates who are appearing first time for their exam.

CBSE Class 10 2019 Topper’s Answer Sheets

Below here are provided the answer sheets of the toppers of CBSE class 10th board exams. Each answer sheet is of the student who scored maximum marks in the particular subject. Take a look at these answer copies to see how you should write answers in your exam to get good marks.

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Mathematics Answer Sheet

Science Answer Sheet

Social Science Answer Sheet

Hindi A Answer Sheet

Hindi B Answer Sheet

English Language and Literature Answer Sheet

CBSE Class 12 2019 Topper’s Answer Sheets

Check out the answer sheets of the class 12th CBSE toppers. Each answer sheet belongs to the subject-wise topper in CBSE. Carefully observe how these students have written answers in their papers that have helped them in scoring highest marks. Following the same pattern can help you too in becoming top scorer.

Mathematics Answer Sheet

Physics Answer Sheet

Chemistry Answer Sheet

History Answer Sheet

Geography Answer Sheet

Political Science Answer Sheet

Economics Answer Sheet

Elective English Answer Sheet

English Core Answer Sheet

Elective Hindi Answer Sheet

Hindi Core Answer Sheet

Business Studies Answer Sheet

Accountancy Answer Sheet

Psychology Answer Sheet

Other helpful tips for writing answer

Writing the answers for your board exams in appropriate manner is important as it can enhance your chances to get good score. By seeing the toppers’ answer sheets you might have gotten an idea by now that how should you write your answers. Apart from this, certain other tips that can help the students in writing their answers in the right manner are provided below.

  1. Properly utilize the 15 minutes that you are given to read the question paper.
  2. Good handwriting is the main key for writing in exam. It always provides a positive impact on the examiner.
  3. Write to-the-point answers. Unnecessary attempt to make the answer long won’t do any good for you. The length of your answer should depend on the marks that the particular question carries.
  4. Try to write the answers in bullets rather than in paragraph, wherever possible. It increases the readability of your answers.
  5. Do not panic during the exam. Write whatever you know with a cool and peaceful mind. Panicking will only cause you to forget the answers that you know.
  6. Focus more on writing the answers that you know rather than wasting time in an answer that you do not know. This can be done once you have written all the answers known to you.
  7. Wherever possible, try to include some charts and diagrams to explain your answers. They are catchy and show that you have proper knowledge of the topic that you are writing.
  8. Try not to completely leave any question un-attempted. If you can recall some related points, you can write them too. Again, there is no need to write things that are unnecessary or irrelevant.
  9. Avoid cutting or overwriting as much as possible while writing the answers.
  10. Spare a few minutes at the end of examination to go through your answer sheet. Read all the answers at least once or twice.
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