Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2023 to Skyrocket your Career

The world of software development is evolving quite rapidly. The future of web and application development requires stability and ease of usage. We can achieve this using a programming language that is faster, smarter, and create fewer bugs. To match with the contemporary requirements of programmers many new languages are being promoted by the creators. Plus, many class programming languages are being revamped to make them more potent.

With all these things going around it is fair for a student to get confused and think about which programming language I should learn in 2023. Having good knowledge of a trending programming language can lay a good foundation for promising careers for students. Through this post, we will help students know about the best programming language that they should learn in the year 2023.

Top Programming Language in 2023 to learn for students

Before we move on to the list, we would like to bust a very common myth about the best programming language.  You should note there is not possible to pick one or two programming language and label them as the bests. In fact, every programming language has its pros and cons. plus, the world of computer software is changing rapidly.

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As a student, you can get a lot of opportunities if you are good at any popular programming language. Having said that, let’s check out the list of best programming languages that are expected to be in demand in the year 2023.

  1. Swift

Basically, Swift is the revamped and much improved version of Objective C. If you are into coding then you might know that Objective C has many drawbacks due to which many programmers keep on complaining especially about the mess of writing. Apple redesigned Objective C makes it much cleaner and easy to learn.

If you are looking to develop some native iOS apps then swift is just for you. Some of you might think that Swift is just a syntactic cleanup of Objective C. Well, that not true because it has various new features too. One drawback of Swift is that it can make life more complicated for teams who read each other’s code. Nonetheless, the best thing is the now you can write codes quickly on your iPhone as well.

Pros – The syntax is very clean and the low-level juggling of pointers is less

Reason to avoid – You might have to think about bits and bytes occasionally due to backward compatibility

  1. Python

Simple, clear, and easy-to-learn, Python has all the qualities due to which we can rate it as one of the best programming languages for beginner developers. Today, a large number of applications are being developed through this language. Notably, companies like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. are widely using python. Another reason to learn python is that it offers great library support for a large community of developers.

Pros – You can use it to write good functional, object-oriented, or procedural programs.

Reason to avoid – Python is not much suitable for mobile development. Python is slower as compared to C/ C++ or even java.

  1. R

R is a much younger programming language developed in the early 1990s. It got its name from Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka who are its developers. You can easily use “R” on Windows, Linux, and Mac Operating systems.

The reason why R is getting popular is that it gives a programmer an amazing ability to play with extensive data. It takes the help of statistics to discover a pattern in a large block of data. To name a few companies, Capgemini, Accenture, and Cognizant have applied R to their enterprises.

Pros – Awesome language with clever expressions to choose a smaller section of the data and then analyzing it.

Reason to avoid – The language is too desktop-centered.

  1. Java 8

Java never gets old. Thanks to the role of Java in lingua franca for AP computer science, Java is often the first computer programming language that everyone learns. On the Internet, you can find millions of JAR applications here and there. Java 8 is the upgraded and much-advanced version of Java. It has got many new features and functional techniques. With this new language, you can write must faster and cleaner programs with fewer bugs.

Pros – Tried and tested language

Reasons to avoid – There might be too much to learn

  1. D

There are a lot of programmers that prefer D over any other programming language. The reason behind this is that the clean and simple nature of D is unmatched. Basically, D is the upgraded version of C. It is meant to fulfill all the drawbacks of C and C++. It also has many new features if compared with C such as memory management, type inference, and bounds checking.

Pros – Contemporary programming language with all the latest features.

Reason to avoid – Due to the safety net some features are less functional.

  1. Matlab

Gone are the days when MATLAB was just for scientists and mathematics who loves to juggle with mathematical formulae and equations. Now, this language is extensively used in projects that require complex mathematical skills. The best things about MATLAB are that it is fast, reliable, and has a robust algorithm for accumulate complex mathematical equations. If you are good at mathematics and love to solve complex equations using logic then this programming language is tailor-made for you.

Pros – Fast, reliable, and accurate algorithms to solve complex equations

Reason to avoid – Mathematics can be too complex at times.

  1. Kotlin

For the last few years, Google is fully supporting Kotlin as a great alternate to Java designing Android Apps. This programming language can be readily used for web development, android development, side application servers, and windows development. Companies like Coursera, Pinterest, Uber, etc. use Kotlin and hire Kotlin developers as well.

Pros – New futuristic programming that is clear and reliable

Reason to avoid – Limited learning resource, Syntax of Kotlin is not compatible with Java.

  1. C#

Developed by Microsoft, C# is commonly used for game designing using unity, backend development, development of mobile apps for windows phones. The biggest advantage of using C# is that is easy to use and well built. We have added C# to our list of top programming languages to learn in 2023 because this language is used for the development of Windows-based apps. A large number of companies hire professionals with good knowledge of C#. Some of these companies are Xteem Software, Cyber Infrastructure, etc.

Pros – Object-oriented language, better integrity and interoperability.

Reason to avoid – This language can be executed only on the Microsoft Windows platform.

  1. Go

Go is an open-sourced programming language that is launched by Google in 2009. In recent years, the programming language has seen a lot of growth. A large number of startups are using Go for their backend systems. The main benefit of Go is that it is amazingly fast because it is compiled to machine code. Apart from this, as a student, you can very easily learn its syntaxes because they are very simple. Another reason to choose “go” is its excellent standard library.

Pros – Good standard library, static analysis tools, easy to learn

Reason to avoid – Written for newbie programmers using the old language as a template

  1. CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is another famous lightweight language based on Python and Ruby which transcompiles into JavaScript. It is very reliable and safe. This is the reason why the number of programmers using CoffeeScript has increased quite a lot in recent years.

Pros – It is simple to write clean, clear, and easily understandable codes

Reason to avoid – Compilation can be irritating.

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