Anna University to Include an Analytical Ability Section in the University Exam

Coimbatore, 19th August 2015

With an intention to augment the quality of engineering education, Anna University has decided upon to introduce a new section in the semester exam pattern of the academic year of 2016-2017. The section is based to test the analyzing capability of students and their comprehension level of the subject.

As per the source from Anna University “The new pattern will comprise a new section that will have a 15 mark question. The question will be a general question that will test the understanding of the student on the subject”.

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As per the present examination pattern it comprises two sections ‘A’ and ‘B’. Section A has 10 questions of two marks and Section B comprises 5 questions of 16 marks with internal choice. The University will reduce the number of questions or the wieghtage of each question the sections and will introduce section ‘C’. Section C will mainly comprise one question of 15 marks that will be based on the lectures given by the faculty in class.

The addition to the exam is done in the wake of poor results of students that was scored by them when analytical questions were targeted in the exam last year. The University intends to boosts the analytical ability of students and focuses on involving analytical questions from next year.

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